Noble & Noble Nobilis Sonum 98

Noble & Noble Nobilis Sonum 98
Every now and then something out of the ordinary comes along; enter the world’s first seven-sided speakers: The Nobilis Sonum 98, from Noble & Noble with love, the obvious choice of a new generation, the streaming generation.

The 7th side, why?

– Because it is an integral part of the design of the Noble & Noble speakers. Put simply: without it the speakers would not have seen the light of day.

Why is it an integral part?

It is an integral part if only for having realized these two achievements:
– To cancel out most of the Cone Surround Distortion by using an Inert Ring which is elegantly incorporated into the 7th side.
– To decouple the tweeter by using the 7th side, again.
Bonus: The world’s first resonance-free (6-sided) cabinet!
You will find more information here.

Technically speaking the Noble & Noble speakers have set the benchmark by having invented the five Unique Design Principles. You will find detailed explanations here

The five Unique Design Principles

1. The world’s first resonance-free cabinet.

2. The Vibrations Cancellation System.

3. The Inert Ring elegantly incorporated into the 7th side.

4. The decoupling of the tweeter or the 7th side, again.

5. A properly designed waveguide.

Here are six sound reasons to buy the Noble & Noble speakers:

1. Hassle-free.

2. Interior Designer approved.

3. An active speaker with DSP.

4. Improved Acoustical Fidelity.

5. Upgrades made easy.

6. More cost efficient than the passive equivalent.

You will find the specifications on this page:

– Number of digital sources which can be connected: 3.
– Number of analogue sources which can be connected: 2.
– Dimensions: 98 x 18 x 29 cm or 39 x 7 x 11 inches each.
– Standard color and finish: Infinite black with a matte finish.
– This is already included: Digital amplifiers, a Digital Signal Processor unit and cables; everything neatly built into the speaker system enclosure. A Remote Control is also included, for your comfort.
– Created, designed, engineered and handmade in The Netherlands.

Suggested Retail Price of the Nobilis Sonum 98: € 20,000.00 per pair.