Hiszpańskie meble audio ze wzmocnioną strukturą, regulowanymi półkami i specjalną szklaną platformą gramofonową

Widoczny na zdjęciach model Exoteryc to wydatek grubo ponad 20 tys. złotych, ale ma wszystko, czego się oczekuje od tego rodzaju półek. Ich nośność wynosi ponad 150 kg, a w wibracje nie wpadają nawet wtedy, kiedy obok przejeżdża kolumna pancerna, a nad głowami przelatuje eskadra bombowców strategicznych. Producentem jest hiszpańska firma, która trudni się produkcją mebli audio od 20 lat, ale dopiero od niedawna jest aktywna na międzynarodowych rynkach. Gdyby ktoś zawitał do Monachium na targi HI-END (9-12 maja 2013 r.), będzie miał okazję obejrzeć wyroby Artesanii w Atrium 4.1 E-103. 

1. Special turntable platform. Stainless steel, antimagnetic structure, which supports a specially treated glass shelf with triple layers.
2. Attachments for the unit legs, made from stainless steel with inverted, conical perforations, specifically created to support the special turntable platform pins.

3. External structure. Metallic and filled with special particles and elastomers. The legs measure 60mm in diameter. These factors create a unit that is heavy, resistant and stable. The structure’s coefficient of echoes is significantly lowered.

4. Internal suspended structure. Can support up to 150 kg of additional weight.

5. Cylinders support the internal suspended structure.

6. Earth terminal, for connection to electronics (essential for Phono).

7. Rear bars, height variable, which strengthen the external structure to guarantee stability and locking.

8. Shelf supports. If required, shelves slide onto the stainless steel bars of the suspended structure, which then supports them. They are height adjustable.

9. Lineal arms made from anti-magnetic steel. Slide in parallel and angular movements along the shelving panels. The arms house pins (which can be located in a variety of positions) which support the isolating discs and shock absorbing pads. The flexibility in positioning of arms and pins allows maximum choice when looking for the best support points according to different electrical components.

10. Isolating discs and shock absorbing pads. These support electronic components (without the need for shelves). Installation is achieved through an elastic binding that stabilizes their positioning on each of the four threaded, adjustable pins, located on each of the lineal arms of each shelf.

11. Fixings to stabilize suspended structure. Remove the smallest of pendular movements from the internal structure. There are four in total, located in the lowest part of the unit.

12. Special stainless steel discs, maximum absorption, which support the pins of the legs. They can support weights of 90kg/unit. If required, these can be removed and changed for other discs that are sold as additional accessories in order to best adapt the unit to the acoustics of the premises.

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