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Product Description:

Astell&Kern AKR01 earphone, with Final Audio’s Heaven IV design, creates a balanced, natural sound that reduces unwanted sibilant high-frequency sounds due to the BAM (Balancing Air Movement) mechanism, which optimizes air movement inside the housing that has pushed the evolution of earphone body design to the next level with a simpler structure and slimmer body. For the sound quality, Heaven IV achieves the truest possible expression of live concert hall sound. It delivers deep spatial expression and a true “live sound” atmosphere. It is simply a great match for the AK100 or the AK120.


Custom balanced armature drivers
BAM Mechanism optimizes the air movement inside the housing
Highly rigid stainless steel housing
Original flat cable that eliminates microphonic noise
Extra sets of ear tips to suit individual requirements
Package Includes:

AKR01 Earphones (Final Audio Design Heaven IV)
Black leather case
Extra sets of ear tips

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