Atlas Cables, the engineering-led cable specialist, has announced the launch of two new installation-centric cable ranges dedicated to performance-led custom installations – Hyper si (Screened Installation) speaker cable and the Integra Duo analogue interconnect range.

With the significant increase of wireless signals around any residential or commercial property, RF pollution is the scourge for all system designers and integrators. To combat the effects of this air-bound interference on the delicate audio signals that often require long cable runs, Atlas Cables has produced a range of products dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the audio signal both within the equipment rack and from amplifier to speaker.

Hyper si Speaker Cable

Hyper si is a top performing domestic and commercial speaker cable featuring twin 2.5mm2 (13awg), high purity OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) conductors. Each conductor is encased within a high efficiency wideband dielectric and then wrapped firstly within an integral RF foil screen and then finished with a matt white LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) easy strip outer jacket.

For total 360° RF protection, the screen can be terminated at the head end of the installation ensuring that none of the speaker cables radiate polluting energy to the general environment and thereby reduce the effective RF system load.

Bare wire terminated or terminated with the custom-friendly Atlas Transpose modular speaker plug, the Hyper si delivers exceptional power, punch and musicality as well as industry leading RF performance.

Atlas Integra duo interconnects

A new way of delivering exceptional performance with easy and tidy installation capability, Atlas has also introduced its new Integra duo range of cables. Available in two forms – Hyper dd duo and Element duo – this new range of cables give performance-led custom integrators the confidence to specify the best performing stereo interconnects and cables whilst building in effective RF screening to their system designs.

Duo cables are stereo interconnects based on Atlas Cables highly-respected and award-winning specialist audio cable range. Having spent considerable time researching the effects of RF screening when developing its range of HiFi cables, Atlas has gone even further for its Integra duo range to give installers and integrators further peace of mind. Enclosed within a fully screened sheath that provides exceptional RF screening and RF load reduction, these single sheath stereo cables also allows for easy, tidy, quick and simple installation without the time consuming cable dressing required with conventional interconnects.

Available in any length starting from 30cm, these cables can be custom specified to fit perfectly any rack architecture.

Commenting on this dedicated range of installation cables, Kevin Kelly, Managing Director of Atlas Cables, said, “We have years of experience working with custom installers and have noticed how in recent years, with significantly more wireless pollution, the effects of RF interference on audio signals has had a detrimental effect on performance. After much research into the issues, we are delighted to be introducing these dedicated products to the trade. Not only do they offer the required screening integrators have been asking for, they do it with the audio performance quality Atlas Cables is globally renowned for.”

The Atlas Cables Hyper si speaker cable and duo range of interconnects are available now.