Atlas Cables, the engineering-led cable specialist, has introduced a limited edition of its reference Mavros analogue interconnect – the Mavros Ultra SE.

In recognition of the numerous awards and accolades the Mavros range has accrued world-wide since its launch in 2010, only 50 sets of this Special Edition interconnect have been produced. Featuring unique gold-plated Ultra RCA plugs, each Mavros Ultra SE pair features a unique sequential serial number, a hand-signed limited edition authenticity certificate and comes packaged in a specially-created Atlas presentation box.

Mavros Ultra is created with a pair of conductors featuring superior Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) grain-free copper. Each conductor is made up from 6 groups of 12 interwoven strands that enclose a thicker centre wire. This in turn is covered by a continuous copper/Mylar™ electrostatic screen with copper shielding braid, ensuring minimal susceptibility to RF interference and noise.

For the dielectric, Mavros Ultra uses a highly porous microporous PTFE (Teflon) tape, which is wound around the bare OCC copper conductors, then covered again and stabilised using an extruded protective PE (PolyEthylene) dielectric sleeve. This process allows the required geometry of the conductor within the dielectric to be maintained and offers greater manufacturing consistency and wider bandwidth. To improve absolute performance and manufacturing consistency for the Mavros Ultra, Atlas has employed its Dual Drain system, a clever solution that connects the screen effectively to the cable return plug interface, whilst maintaining critical 360 degree screening at the plug. The cable is finished with a black woven fibre outer sleeve.

Termination is crucial and the Mavros Ultra SE features a unique gold-plated version of the Atlas-designed, OCC copper, high bandwidth, cold-weld Ultra RCA. Each of the 50 sets comes with dedicated serial numbers (# of 50), a signed certificate of authentication and are packaged in Atlas’ own presentation box.

Commenting on the launch of the Mavros Ultra SE, Kevin Kelly, Managing Director of Atlas Cables, said, “We have been overwhelmed by the success of the Mavros range, so it was only fitting for us to highlight this success with a limited run of Special Edition analogue interconnect cables in recognition of the global accolades it has achieved. Mavros epitomises the Atlas DNA – a great-sounding cable created through true scientific research using the very latest materials designed specifically for the job in hand. Hand-built at our dedicated factory in Scotland, we are proud to present this Special Edition version of the Mavros Ultra, which showcases the very best performance we have achieved with copper cable technology to date.”

The Atlas Cables Mavros Ultra SE is available now in a limited quantity of 50 pairs, with prices starting from £1495.00 inc. VAT for a meter pair.

* Custom lengths available upon request