Audeze Bascom King Headphone Amplifier

Audeze Bascom King Headphone Amplifier
It began when the Audeze team met the legendary electronics designer Bascom King in his design lab. Bascom has designed acclaimed amplifiers for Infinity, Marantz, Constellation Audio, PS Audio and others. He demoed a prototype headphone amplifier that incorporated elements of all he’s learned over the years.

“Even in prototype form it was the best headphone amp we ever heard, and we’ve heard just about everything,” said Audeze CEO Sankar Thiagasamudram. “We were so excited that we signed Bascom on the spot to continue developing the new amplifier exclusively for Audeze. It absolutely sounds even better in its production form!”

The King produces a beautiful, natural, open, expansive sound with awesome power in the bass. It’s so clean and engaging you’ll find yourself turning the volume up to enjoy the immense transparency. The utter pleasure The King delivers will bring you immense satisfaction.

The King is a two-stage hybrid design featuring two twin triode tube inputs (E88CCs), a differential P-MOSFET driver and MOSFET output devices. It uses NPN MOSFET output devices delivering perfect device matching for faster response times, far better than typical PNP/NPN output designs. The King’s symmetrical circuits won’t ring at high frequencies keeping it very stable, it’s servo-DC-coupled, and will offer years of trouble-free, adjustment-free use. The result is a low impedance, low distortion, wide frequency response with immense musical transparency, a real emotional experience.

The King is such a wonderful headphone amp that Audeze decided to get the word out to as many people as possible, and Indiegogo works well for that. “We also wanted to offer a great price to those Audeze fans who’ve supported us as a way of saying thanks,” explained Mark Cohen, VP Sales. “It is not just about money to manufacture the Bascom King amplifier, we’ve already paid for all the development. The big news is we can ship in about 8 weeks. Since R&D is already done there is no risk to the customer, they’re not buying an experiment,” he continued.

The retail price of The King is set at $3,995 USD. Audeze is offering it through Indiegogo for 30 days only at $2,950. But the first 10 buyers get an even better deal, only $2,750 with shipping beginning in December.