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Audience Introduces Its Au24 SE USB Cable for Improved Sound from Digital Audio

Audience announced the introduction of its Au24 SE USB cable, a premium-quality USB interconnect designed to deliver superior sound quality from digital music files and source components with USB connectivity.

The new Audience Au24 SE USB is engineered for ultimate timing conveyance of digital signals and highly effective shielding against EMI and RFI. It employs a “dual-cable” construction, with separated conductors for the data (signal) path and for the power path, a configuration that ensures the best-possible signal integrity and isolation.

The data side of the Au24 SE USB features shielded silver over OCC copper conductors with Teflon insulation. The power side is also shielded and made from OCC copper wire with polypropylene insulation. The USB connector contacts are gold-plated copper.

Two versions of the Au24 SE USB are available: one with a single USB-A male connector at the source end and another version with two USB-A male connectors at the source end for use with computers and components where the data and power can be sent from two different USB busses, for the ultimate in signal and power isolation.

“While it may seem counterintuitive to think that a USB cable can make such a profound difference in the sound heard from digital music sources, the proof is in the listening,” said John McDonald, president of Audience. “USB cables deliver both digital data and DC power, and as in the case with a digital transport or D/A converter, the timely conveyance and coherent delivery of the data flow is critical to sonic purity. There are a number of factors in USB cable materials and construction, such as dielectric absorption and the metallurgical characteristics of the conductors, which can affect the timing flow of the data stream. And timing is critical when you consider that a piece of digital music has millions of bits of data per second – and all of them need to be coherently conveyed.”

McDonald continued, “keeping EMI and RFI away from the digital transmission and power flow benefits by ensuring data integrity by blocking interference. The sonic improvements of a high-quality USB cable can be clearly heard: more purity to the music, a more expansive and realistic soundstage and a more natural quality for vocals and instruments.”

The Audience Au24 SE USB cable is currently available at a suggested retail price of $945 for a one-meter dual-end (two USB connectors) cable and $895 for a single-end (one USB connector) cable. Please consult with Audience or an authorized dealer for pricing for other lengths.

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About Audience

Audience was formed in November 1997 by John McDonald and the late Richard Smith, as a design and production company focused on building the best possible audio and video equipment. To pass the Audience test, each product must truly make a significant contribution to the reproduction of audio and/or video. Audience offers loudspeakers, electronics, cables, power conditioners, high-resolution capacitors and the Auric Illuminator optical disk resolution enhancement.

Audience’s commitment is to develop the very best products possible, and the company is committed to unexcelled customer service and product support. All Audience cables have an unconditional lifetime warranty and power conditioners have a ten-year warranty. For more information visit

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