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In September 2014 we will begin releasing our new range of exclusively designed and manufactured electrolytic capacitors. The first model to be made available will be the standard ‘Audio Note (UK)™ Electrolytic Audio Capacitor’, closely followed in October by the ‘Audio Note (UK)™ KAISEI Audio Capacitor’.

The Standard Audio Note (UK)™ Electrolytic Capacitors.

Even though these capacitors represent the starting level in our new range, we have found them to provide considerably better sound quality than any other currently available high voltage electrolytic capacitor, from any manufacturer. They achieve this excellent level of performance by combining a high quality electrolyte with the best available standard paper and a specially developed foil. The result is a 500 Volt capacitor of exceptional quality and price, suitable for use in any high voltage power supply application.

As they become available, the Standard Audio Note (UK)™ Electrolytic Capacitors will be introduced in all Audio Note(UK)™ finished products from Level Zero through to the lower Level Three (the power supplies of the higher Level Three products along with the Silver and Silver Signature models will be equipped with the KAISEI electrolytic capacitors).

A range of low voltage capacitors using the same materials and construction is also being developed, which will allow us to offer a wide selection of competitively priced, high quality electrolytic capacitors under the Audio Note(UK)™ brand.

The Standard Audio Note (UK)™ Electrolytic Capacitor Range starts with 2 values only: –

22uF/500 volt —— £2.50 each (excluding VAT)

100uF/500 volt —— £6.50 each (excluding VAT)

We will release 50uF/500 volt and 5uF/500 volt versions in October 2014; more values will follow later.

The Audio Note (UK)™ KAISEI Audio Quality Electrolytic Capacitors.

The Audio Note (UK)™ KAISEI range has been developed over the past 4 years in collaboration with the engineering team at Rubycon (of Black Gate fame). Whilst working on our top of the line Black Gate replacements (which should be released in the second half of 2015) we realised that it would be possible to put together a range of more affordable capacitors that use all of the same materials as these supreme components (the same special electrolyte, foil and construction quality) apart from the hyper expensive and extremely difficult to produce Graphite impregnated paper. So the only difference between the KAISEI capacitors and the forthcoming Black Gate replacements is that the paper is not Graphite impregnated in the KAISEI; otherwise they are the same.

The Audio Note KAISEI range will be available from late September – early October 2014 and will start with 4 values: –

5uF/500 volt —— £8.00 each (excluding VAT)

22uF/500 volt —— £16.00 each (excluding VAT)

50uF/500 volt —— £30.00 each (excluding VAT)

100uF/500 volt —— £40.00 each (excluding VAT)

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