Firma od kabli wchodzi na nową ścieżkę rozwoju i prezentuje swoje pierwsze słuchawki douszne Zostały one zaprojektowane z poszanowaniem, a nawet wykorzystaniem zasady Fibonacciego, czyli tzw. złotego podziału, ale proszę nie dociekać, co to oznacza w praktyce, bo jeszcze się okaże, że to kolejna sztuczka, aby wyprodukowane w Chinach kosztem 50 centów słuchawki opchnąć za kilkaset dolców. Cena  zatyczek Cardasa wynosi 425 dolarów.

After four years of research and development encompassing every part of the human hearing system, high-end cable manufacturer Cardas Audio has introduced an In-Ear Monitor (IEM) experience like no other that delivers transfixing musicality. After all, seeking to help talented musicians bring their art to the world accurately has been the driving force in Georges’ life, and the reason Cardas Audio was founded over 25 years ago. The EM5813 Ear Speakers are available now worldwide.

The human hearing system, musical chords, and the Cardas Audio EM5813 Ear Speakers are reflections of the Golden Ratio – closely related to the Fibonacci Sequence – George Cardas has based his cable and microphone designs on this age old mathematical sequence that naturally occurs in nature, architecture, and art.

The EM5813 Ear Speakers mirror the human cochlea, and tympanic membrane, and the shape of the elegant copper plated brass body has been designed to work in symphony with the human hearing system. All the parts that make up the custom designed drivers are machined from proprietary solid bar stock metals in California. And all drivers are hand matched on each pair of Ear Speakers.

The Ear Speaker cable is made from Clear Light Headphone Cable, which is a miniature version of the Cardas Audio Clear cable, also made in California, using proprietary Cardas copper. A custom designed ultra-thin ear tip that ensures a precise and comfortable fit has been created by company founder George Cardas.

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