Gdyby komuś zamiast Bluetootha były potrzebne przewody, może zainteresować się nowymi propozycjami Cardasa. Ze średniej półki

Introducing Parsec Speaker and Parsec Digital. We are pleased to announce two new cable products: Parsec Speaker and Parsec Digital. These are an excellent complement to the already popular Parsec Interconnect, with each offering performance that exceeds their mid-level price point.

The long anticipated Parsec Speaker features a star-quad geometry, air-tube suspension, and Kevlar-core Golden Section conductors. Parsec Speaker has a 1/2″ outside diameter, and a TPR (rubber) jacket. It is soft and flexible, with an attractive deep green color to match the interconnect. Parsec Speaker is bi-wireable, and terminated with Cardas CGMS spades, or CABE bananas. As part of the Cross line of cables, Parsec Speaker has the familiar Cardas mid-range and warmth, with the Kevlar-core conductors contributing greater high-end extension.

Just as Parsec Interconnect replaced & bettered Quadlink Interconnect, Parsec Speaker replaces the venerable Quadlink Speaker, with numerous performance improvements, better terminations, greater flexibility and a more attractive color – all in the same price category.

The brand new Parsec Digital is an affordable yet high performing digital coax cable, suitable for 75 ohm applications. Parsec Digital replaces High Speed Data as our entry-level digital interconnect, with improvements in shielding, flexibility, and termination. Available with BNC or RCA (GRMO) connectors

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