Kombajn z napędem CD oraz zaawansowanym przetwornikiem cyfrowo-analogowym

Cary Audio has long been synonymous with the world’s best sounding audio components. No matter vacuum tube or solid state, analog or digital, two-channel or multi-channel, Cary Audio has always represented the pinnacle of performance. The new DMC-600 and DMC-600SE are no exception and represent our best digital products yet and that’s saying something!
These Digital Music Centers combine the past with the future and are designed for traditionalists as well as new-age music lovers. Now, one can continue to enjoy their extensive CD collection while exploring the virtues of high resolution & super high resolution Asynchronous USB computer audio.

Both the DMC-600 and DMC-600SE support PCM up to 32 bit/ 384 kHz native audio as well as native DSD 64, 128, and 256 audio. Additionally, the DMC-600 (600SE) also includes; CSR aptX® lossless Bluetooth, SPDIF coaxial and Toslink inputs, AES/EBU inputs and both fully balanced XLR and RCA outputs. To further enhance your listening enjoyment, the DMC-600 (600SE) also includes our TruBit™ Upsampling technology and our DiO™ vacuum tube and solid state analog outputs, as well as many other benchmark features.

The DMC-600SE utilizes super premium reference grade components within the analog output sections for further performance enhancements as well as a clock input for use with an external master clock for recording studios and professional or semi-professional use.

Significant features include:

Multiple Parallel DAC Topology

Utilizes 3 DACS consisting of 6 channels (3 per side) to create a fully balanced parallel circuit with exceptional clarity and detail. DSP, upsampling and clocking duties are done by a separate 128 bit DSP engine, allowing the DACs to focus on straight D to A conversion.

CSR aptX® lossless Technology featuring fi™ Bluetooth Implementation

Fully integrating (fi™) Bluetooth digital signals into the entire digital circuit whereby using all features such as TruBit™ Upsampling, OSO™ Reclocking, DiO™ outputs, and more to ensure true high fi sound.

TruBit™ Upsampling

A sophisticated and powerful process utilizing a 128 bit DSP engine (separate from the DACs) which allows for up to seven (7) different selectable upsampling rates creating a signal so precise as if it were native, all the way up to 768kHz.

OSO™ Reclocking

Double reclocking of all signals again once onboard, even XMOS USB, as to ensure all jitter is virtually eliminated to a minute degree. The result is a signal so free of digital artifacts as if it was generated within the unit itself.

XMOS xCore USB Asynchronous

XMOS asynchronous clocking for computer USB sources whereas the XMOS processor takes complete control over the audio clock; essential for no-compromise digital audio systems.

DiO™ Analog Stage

DiO™ Analog Stage is actually two separate analog output stages that are completely independent of one another. One is all solid state and the other is vacuum tube. It’s like having two source machines in one allowing you to get the most out of your recordings.

Weight: 35 lbs.

Dimensions: 5.25″ H x 17.25″ W x 16.25″ D

DMC-600 Retail Price: $5,995

DMC-600SE Retail Price: $7,995

The DMC-600 and the DMC-600SE will begin shipping on December 10, 2014.

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