Duński producent kolumn głośnikowych został przejęty przez chińską firmę GoerTek Inc. Szczegóły - poniżej

GoerTek Inc. acquires the majority shares of Dynaudio

GoerTek Inc. a leading Hi-Tech consumer electronics company based in Weifang, China, has acquired the majority shares of Dynaudio. Wilfried Ehrenholz, the founder of Dynaudio, will remain as a minority shareholder and continue to participate in Dynaudio´s product and marketing strategy. Dynaudio is a significant player in the international speaker market and over the past 35 years Dynaudio has built a position as the leading high-end brand. Over the years, Dynaudio has been capable of applying its strong competencies within sound to the car industry and leading sound studios all over the world. With the investment of GoerTek Inc. , Dynaudio will be able to accelerate its product development, innovation and growthstrategy and further strengthen its position in the premium audio/speaker market.

Dynaudio´s founder Wilfried Ehrenholz is proud of having secured his life’s work.

”GoerTek is the ideal partner to guide Dynaudio into a prospering future. Its founder, Bryan Jiang, is an ambitious entrepreneur like myself and has an excellent understanding of Dynaudio´s potential and our position as a premium brand. By combining Dynaudio´s and GoerTek’s know-how, we will be able to develop some very exciting products for our customers in the future. Within the recent years, Dynaudio has launched some very ambitious products –this spring we launched the second generation of the world’s first true wireless high-end loudspeaker, Xeo, and just now, Dynaudio is launching Focus XD, the most powerful and precise speaker ever made, which is based completely on a digital platform. I’m convinced that Dynaudio is heading for a very exciting future.”

CEO Lars Prisak is very pleased with the new opportunities and believes that Dynaudio´s competence center in Skanderborg will be further strengthened.

”This is a unique opportunity for Dynaudio. We have developed and produced the world’s best speakers for many years and based on our strong DNA and culture I look forward to developing and launching Dynaudio version 2.0 – we are already well on our way in the launching of new technological platforms, and with our new owners we will get brand new opportunities and the ambition is clear: Dynaudio will develop and deliver the world’s best sound systems for sound studios, homes and cars.”

At GoerTek Inc. the excitement is also great. Bryan Jiang, the Chairman and founder of GoerTek states:

“I have a lot of respect for the competencies within Dynaudio and it is important to us to maintain and continue to develop the competencies. With GoerTek’s strengths in electronic hardware and software design in the smart audio area to be combined with Dynaudio’s leading speaker technology and premium brand in HiFi audio market, we are able to bring customers lots of exciting innovations in the near future. I look forward to accelerating the growth along with the team at Dynaudio.

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