Reprezentacyjne kable zasilające Chorda. Audiofile ich używają, bo serdecznie wierzą, że pomagają one poprawić jakość prądu z elektrowni

Zanim więc nadejdzie pora, gdy można będzie czerpać energię z własnej siłowni bez zarzutu, namiastką są drogie przewody. A czas, kiedy osobisty prąd stanie się rzeczywistością właściwie już jest rzeczywistością. Od kilkunastu dni można zamawiać akumulatory Powerwall od Tesli, która za baterię gromadzącą 10 kWh winszuje sobie 3500 dolarów. To niewiele więcej niż cena nowego Chorda, a rozwiązuje na całe lata problem, który kosztuje w p… albo jeszcze więcej.

27th May 2015, Wiltshire, UK: The Chord Company has launched a new reference-level flagship power cable — Sarum Super ARAY (£1,700 1m)

The Chord Company has launched its most advanced mains product to date: Sarum Super ARAY power cable. The new super-high-performance Sarum Super ARAY is the Wiltshire company’s flagship power cable and forms part of a new reference-level range first unveiled at Sound and Vision 2015, in February.
The Sarum Super ARAY power cable is testament to just how much musical information conventional cables can lose or corrupt. Sarum Super ARAY builds on the musical coherence that made the award-winning Sarum Tuned ARAY cables so popular.
The new Super ARAY configuration reveals levels of detail, dynamics and naturalness of timbre that are quite extraordinary. Even better, it’s retro-fittable: owners of the original Sarum Tuned ARAY power cables can upgrade to full Super ARAY specification!
New mains and IEC plug
The Sarum Super ARAY power cable conductor geometry was developed just as Chord started to work on a new UK mains plug and IEC plug. The mains plug is a bespoke version of an MS Power mains plug — the conductors have been heavily silver-plated and changes have been made to the internal structure of the plug casing. The changes act to both stiffen the casing and to allow the fitting of two silicone tubes, which are designed to improve mechanical damping and vibration; the effect of vibration on performance is something that Chord discovered during the development of the original Power Chord cable.
The new IEC plug is also a bespoke Chord Company design. The internal contacts are heavy- gauge and again, are heavily silver-plated. Both the new mains plug and IEC are the best that Chord has ever used.
Super ARAY technology brings remarkable gains in performance and combined with its new bespoke IEC and UK mains plugs, Sarum Super ARAY power cable delivers the best performance that The Chord Company has ever achieved.
The Chord Company has been producing power cables for the past ten years and like its interconnect and speaker cables, the company’s obsession with high- frequency interference has heavily influenced the design of its power cables. Technical Director, Nigel Finn, said: “The Super ARAY conductor design for the power cable had been staring me in the face for quite a while; the design and configuration then fell into place quite naturally. What truly surprised everyone here, though, was the dramatic improvement. Even though the first Sarum Super ARAY cable was built in the summer of 2014, demonstrating the improvements remains startling.”
Conductor configuration
The conductors remain the same as the original Sarum and then the Sarum Tuned ARAY power cable: micro-polished and silver-plated. The insulation is gas-foamed PTFE and the shielding is a very effective, high-density silver-plated braid, combined with an unusually heavy-gauge shield. The key difference, though, apart from the new mains and IEC plug, is the way that the new Super ARAY conductors are utilised. This involves the fitting of an ARAY ‘chamber’ and extensive internal re-working. The strongest visual clues, though, are indeed the new plugs.
Cable configurations
The Sarum Super ARAY power cable is available in 1m, 1.5m and 2m lengths from stock. Custom lengths can be made to order and The Chord Company can also terminate with Furutech 16 amp IEC connectors. Where space is restricted, Chord can also fit-to-order the high-quality Schurter IEC plug that has been used for many years on its Power Chord. European Sarum Super ARAY power cables are also available: these are fitted with Furutech Schuko mains plugs.
Pricing and availability
Sarum Super ARAY power cable 1m: £1,700; additional metres £450; upgrade £750

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