Bardzo przyjemny i zupełnie nowy komplet dCS składający się z transportu SACD/CD, przetwornika, zegara i upsamplera. Cena - 110 tys. dolarów. Szczegóły - w informacji poniżej

Vivaldi is designed to play music from any source and processes all high resolution PCM music formats up to DXD (24 bit data at 352.8 and 384kS/s), plus DSD. The optimised DSP filters and clocking architecture ensure listeners can extract every last nuance of musical detail and feeling while tuning the system to suit their personal preference.

Vivaldi DAC utilises the next generation of the state-of-the-art dCS Ring DAC™ which combines exceptional linearity with very high speed operation, enabling it to deliver true 24 bit performance even at low signal levels. The new dCS Ring DAC™ used in Vivaldi represents the most significant reworking of the design in its 20+ year history, and it incorporates a number of important technical advances that have resulted in enhanced dynamic range, reduced jitter, improved channel separation, and greatly improved musical realism.

Vivaldi Upsampler can access music from any digital source (PCM digital inputs, USB, UPnP network streaming, iPod™/iPhone™), converting the audio from its native sample rate to either high resolution DXD, DSD or standard high resolution PCM. The array of independently selectable digital inputs and filter options in Vivaldi elevates the performance of Red Book CD from CD Players or high resolution audio from digital streamers and servers to a previously unsurpassed level.

Vivaldi CD/SACD Transport has been designed to extract revelatory levels of detail from both CD and SACD. It features a Dual-AES output that supports DSD or DXD and a completely new chassis design that provides separate power supplies for digital processing and CD/SACD mechanism circuits as well as near-silent operation.

Vivaldi Master Clock features two banks of clock outputs capable of outputting different frequencies simultaneously, thereby improving ease of use while minimising jitter. Used as part of the Vivaldi digital audio playback system it improves on an already spectacular sound and takes it into an entirely new domain. Images snap into sharper focus, the music displays a substantially greater sense of authority and power, and most importantly offers noticeably higher resolution of fine detail.

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