PrimePass Certified Platinum Cables Deliver Highest Performance and Bandwidth Supporting 4K/60 Resolutions up to 18Gbps Speeds

SUNNYVALE Calif., September 29, 2015 – DVDO®, Inc., an award-winning provider of high-quality, high-definition (HD) video processing, switching and connectivity solutions, today announced the availability of new Platinum 4K Ultra HD HDMI® 2.0a PrimePass™ cables. These HDMI 2.0a-compliant premium cables incorporate PrimePass, a rigorous testing and certification process that will guarantee transmission reliability of Ultra HD content between devices. The Platinum 4K Ultra HD HDMI 2.0a PrimePass Cable is available in multiple lengths starting at $59 retail.

DVDO’s Platinum cables enable installers and consumers to future proof their home theater installations. The PrimePass certification will provide piece of mind that upgrades to HDMI 2.0a equipment will be stable and reliable despite the higher bandwidth requirements. These world-class cables combine extreme shielding techniques, larger diameter individual wires, and new methods of separating individual signals within the cable to provide the highest performance with full HDMI 2.0a compatibility up to 4K/60 4:4:4.

„Not all high speed HDMI cables will carry the latest 4K/60 resolution at 600MHz, resulting in loss of color depth, sparkles, or no connection at all when the source or display is upgraded to HDMI 2.0a,” said Doug Fealtman, general manager of DVDO, Inc. „Our Platinum cables are a must-have accessory for home theater installations-even if you are just using 1080p now, these cables ensure that when you do upgrade to UHD and HDR you won’t have to upgrade your cables again.”

DVDO Platinum 4K Ultra HD HDMI 2.0a PrimePass Cable Features:
* PrimePass Certified
* HDMI 2.0a
* Guaranteed to pass 4K/60 4:4:4
* 600MHz
* 18Gbps
* 4Kx2K and Ultra HD support
* 3D
* Deep color 8/10/12 bit
* 32 Channel Audio
* Extreme Shielding
* Gold Plated Pins

About PrimePass
PrimePass is a certification program that ensures the secure transmission of premium Ultra HD content between devices. The PrimePass program starts with standards that you already know, such as HDMI® and MHL®, and adds stringent requirements to represent the state of the art viewing experience for premium content. To be PrimePass certified, a device must undergo an exhaustive set of tests in a specialized laboratory. The device is tested to check that its video connections (for example, HDMI or MHL) are compatible with other devices. The device is also tested to make sure that it meets the rigorous requirements of the PrimePass program. Only if the device passes these tests can it carry the PrimePass logo. For more information, visit http://www.primepass.tv/

About DVDO, Inc.
DVDO, Inc. delivers award-winning video connectivity solutions for professional installers and end users. DVDO’s video switchers, wireless adapters and video processors feature advanced technologies to provide professional-quality video from multiple sources across a wide range of displays. For more information, visit www.dvdo.com.