Czy ktoś da pół miliona? Dolarów! Tyle będzie kosztować specjalna edycja Apologue

The 1987 edition of the Apologue was a 3-way passive speaker. The Apologue Anniversary comes with twice as much drivers and built-in amplification totalizing 3600W for a pair.

To this extreme power, Goldmund added the latest signal corrections developed by Goldmund Fundamental Research Department. If it is scientifically correct to say that the Apologue Anniversary is 100% corrected both in amplitude and phase, providing for the first time a “perfect response” from a pair of Speakers, we prefer to look at the technical achievements in this model from another angle. We do not develop technologies or manufacture equipment just for the sake of it.

Our ultimate objective and reward is to create emotions. We believe that the more perfect the sound reproduction, the more intense these emotions will be. So we focus on the results the technologies we develop can provide in this sense.

Incredible spaciousness

Each instrument is positioned at its correct place

Complete stability of the image

Perfectly well defined trebles

Extremely neat bass

Ultra high definition and precision in the voices

Higher playback levels without distortion

No fatigue to the listener, even at extremely high levels

To the perfection of the sound, we also wanted to add the highest level in the design, ease of use and installation.

The signal feeding the Apologue Anniversary is sent exclusively wirelessly, so the 2 speakers of a Stereo System can be presented without any cable, except for an AC plug that can be installed below the speaker. So the superb design, with all its details can be admired by walking around the speakers, a possibility usually dangerous due to connecting cables. Goldmund thinks there is no reason to admire such an exceptional sculptural object only from the front and a pair of Apologue Anniversary can be observed as if they were in a Museum, even if playing Music at the same time.

The Apologue Anniversary will be available as a standard version with the Goldmund aluminum finish but is also customizable in any desired finish thanks to the services provided by the Goldmund Shop.

The Apologue Anniversary Technical Specifications are extraordinary… and highly confidential for now.

Release date – October 2013.

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