Following the success of its N°1 and N°2 loudspeakers, leading French audio brand Focal is expanding its Sopra range with a four new models, including the flagship N°3 floorstander and three home cinema speakers - the Sopra Center, Surround Be and the SW 1000 Be subwoofer. After captivating music lovers with its stunning Sopra stereo loudspeakers, home cinema enthusiasts can now experience true 3D audio immersion with Focal’s new eye-catching surround sound speaker line-up.

Leading this new line-up is the three-way Sopra N°3 floostanding loudspeaker ‒ the biggest and most powerful in the Sopra range. Perfectly combining spatial and harmonic richness, this loudspeaker, along with its smaller stablemate the Sopra N°2, join the centre loudspeaker, effect loudspeaker and subwoofer to form 5.1 or 7.1 home cinema surround sound set ups.

At Focal, the ultimate goal has always been to achieve optimal acoustic reproduction. Sopra N°1 and N°2 loudspeakers are perfect examples of this. Now, with Sopra N°3, the French brand has pushed the limits of sound reproduction even further. In their quest for high audio performance, Focal’s engineers have completely redesigned the loudspeaker’s internal structure in order to increase the volume by 60% and accommodate the larger two 8.5-inch bass transducers. The result is the Sopra N°3 delivers dynamic, musicality and generous but controlled bass.

Designed by the Parisian design agency Pineau & Le Porcher, Sopra N°3 is, despite the new improvements, only just 35% larger than Sopra N°2, retaining the the range’s elegant, desirable and refined signature design; all the characteristics which have forged Sopra’s success.

Sopra N°3 also integrates the three major acoustic innovations which characterise the line’s acoustic DNA:

Rear compression tweeter

Thanks to Focal’s patented “IHL” technology (Infinite Horn Loading), the Beryllium inverted dome tweeter no longer requires large volumes to prevent the rear sound waves from bouncing back. The tweeter has been given a horn to avoid any boomerang effect which creates distortion and colours the audio.

Midrange suspension

The surround connecting the mobile part of the cone to the fixed part can cause distortion at certain frequencies. When applied to Sopra’s 6” (16.5 cm) woofer, Focal’s patented TMD technology (Tuned Mass Damping) counterbalances the resonance of this oscillating system and gives the sound incomparable transparency. This has been made possible thanks to the power of numerical analysis carried out by Focal. “TMD” ensures that the sound stays pure and that very high definition is achieved.

Stabilising the magnetic field

The magnetic field surrounding the voice coil is unstable – no speaker driver is spared this issue. Variations in current from the amplifier in the voice coil, and the voice coil’s varying position blur the sound significantly, and this changes the quality of sound reproduction. The result of specially developed powerful simulation software, Focal’s new innovation “NIC” (Neutral Inductance Circuit) has finally made it possible to stabilise the magnetic field. This has paved the way for unsurpassed high-definition sound.

Thanks to these audio innovations, the “Made in France” Sopra N°3 is a striking premium loudspeaker capable of unrivalled acoustic performances in a compact enclosure. It also brings the listener one step closer to the ultimate performance of the “ultra high-end” loudspeakers in the company’s Utopia III range, which are still to this day, the most extraordinary loudspeakers ever designed by Focal.

Sopra home cinema

Home Cinema is a tradition that is central to Focal’s philosophy of delivering strong sound sensations and true 3D immersion. The launch of three new dedicated loudspeakers now allows home cinema fans the opportunity to experience the impressive Sopra sound.

Sopra Center: A compact centre loudspeaker which uses all the design codes of the Sopra range in order to optimise integration into any interior.
Surround Be : A new effect loudspeaker which can be used with Electra and Sopra systems, as well as certain Utopia III installations. Featuring an exclusive “Bi/Twin” structure with twin inputs, the loudspeaker can be used both in 5.1 (bipolar mode) or 7.1 (double mono mode) set-ups.
SW 1000 Be : An amplified bass-reflex subwoofer featuring a 600W BASH® amplifier and a 13″ (33 cm) woofer. This essential element of a home cinema set up it will offer a low-end performance on a whole new level.
Sopra has evolved into a loudspeaker line in its own right, not only meeting the expectations of the most demanding music and home cinema enthusiasts but also fans of stylish design.

Focal Sopra N°3, Sopra Center, Sopra Surround Be and Sopra SW 1000 Be are all available from June 2016. Suggested retail price (including tax):

Sopra N°3: €18,000 (per pair)

Sopra Center: €2,499 per unit

Surround Be: €1,999 per unit

SW 1000 Be: €3,499 per unit