Focal is expanding its Utopia III line with a special édition: Utopia III Evo

Evo stands for evolution… Since 2008, when Utopia III was launched, Focal’s technological heritage has continued to grow. It was therefore essential for Focal to integrate its most recent innovations into this exceptional collection. Scala and Maestro are the first two models to inaugurate the launch of this line’s new edition, Utopia III Evo.

The legend is growing…

Since its launch in 2008, Utopia III has become a worldwide success and has won many awards. Timelessness and modernity are integral parts of the line’s DNA. The 2017 edition of Utopia III reminds us that these loudspeakers are still at the cutting-edge of technology: the line has been upgraded and is undeniably extraordinary.

The acoustics engineers at Focal have never stopped refining their research in order to push the limits of acoustics. As such it was essential for Focal to integrate its latest technological innovations into this extraordinary line. Utopia III marks an evolution which has started with the first two models in the line. Scala and Maestro are the loudspeakers to inaugurate this special edition; their previous incarnations will be removed from our catalogue. The changes are mainly within the speaker drivers, but we have also updated the crossover and finishes.


The most recent acoustic innovations developed by Focal further enhance the Utopia III line. It was not just a simple update however; the project was also the perfect opportunity to enhance every detail we could in order to improve the clarity and finesse of the sound even further.

Technological heritage

It was natural for us to capitalise on the research carried out in 2008, which resulted new and exclusive innovations, particularly in the mid-range register: TMD suspension and NIC (Neutral Inductance Circuit). TMD suspension: this technology provides a linear frequency response curve between 1 and 4kHz, while significantly reducing distortion in this range. The mid-range register benefits from remarkable neutrality, and it contributes to the excellent precision of the overall stereo image.


Neutral Inductance Circuit: stabilising the magnetic field was a challenge to overcome, in order to avoid harmonic distortion and intermodulation. The research carried out enabled Focal’s engineers to come up with an extremely stable magnetic circuit: N.I.C. technology (Neutral Inductance Circuit).

Scala and Maestro upgraded to bi-amplification

The 2017 edition integrates a major new feature: Scala Utopia Evo and Maestro Utopia Evo now offer bi-amplification. Bi-amping is now possible by separating the bass and mid-range/treble registers, just like the line’s two top-of-the-range loudspeakers. The most discerning music lovers will be able to fine-tune their sound by personalising the registers depending on the sound architecture they want. For this reason, the loudspeakers are equipped with a double terminal board. What’s more, in order to avoid magnetic disturbance in the components reproducing high frequencies, from vibrations of bass section, the two crossovers have been separated within the enclosure.

Components tested in real conditions

A loudspeaker distinguishes itself through its overall coherence, and the level of perfection depends on many other components besides the speaker driver. As a result, improving every aspect of the Utopia III’s performance was at the top of our list. We integrated new components which are essential to improving audio quality.


Since 2008, manufacturers have significantly improved the performance of their components. So, our engineers selected the very best components on the market, choosing them from among the finest brands around after testing them in real conditions. All the internal wiring within the units is crafted in France. While looking at the wiring aspects of these new loudspeakers, we decided to increase the wire gauge of the cabling by 20%. The results can be heard immediately: the sound is even clearer and even more natural.

Finally, for the bass register, the acoustic wadding lining we included inside the enclosure has been thickened for even tighter bass with more control and increased precision.

New finishes

In the last decade, design trends have evolved a lot. People now tend to prefer less conventional colours than they did before. True to our values, we are once again differentiating ourselves in the design arena. Utopia III Evo are distinguished by their distinctive colours, inspired by the automotive universe.

Scala Utopia Evo and Maestro Utopia Evo will be available in Metallic Blue, Ash Grey and British Racing Green, in addition to the timeless Black Lacquer and Carrara White.

The loudspeaker enclosure will be lacquered in the same colour all over: the front and side panels will now be identical. Detailing is also paramount; black is making a strong comeback, with a Graphite Black finish for the baskets and the tweeter enclosure. These finish choices provide an overall coherence which is more harmonious and more discreet, emphasising the originality of the new colours even more. The shape of Utopia III Evo is still the same, just with a modern style.

With this 2017 edition marked by Focal’s research into the enclosure section, bi-amplification and the new finishes, Utopia III Evo’s iconic status has been reconfirmed. They integrate a whole range of innovations and essential small details, creating completely unique loudspeakers which are well ahead of the rest.