Archiwalny koncert Radiohead. W szlachetnym celu, legalnie i za darmo!

Przy okazji ściągania tego albumu, który jest pełnym zapisem nowojorskiego koncertu z 1995 roku, można i warto wesprzeć Amnesty International. To jest istotny powód, aby polecić szczerze tę płytę i w tym przypadku przymykamy oko na to, że płyta została udostępniona formacie 320 kbps MP3. Aby ją ściągnąć, proszę kliknąć tutaj. Poniżej – info na temat tej produkcji.

PASTE.COM Presents: Radiohead Live at Tramps June 1, 1995

Recorded at New York City’s Tramps just three months after the release of their second album, The Bends, this exclusive concert sees Radiohead beginning to push the sonic envelope. Still two years prior to the group’s international breakthrough OK Computer, the performance captures a more straighforward Radiohead, the very moment the band was beginning to not only break ground in America, but singer and songwriter Thom Yorke was finding the more cryptic and expressive voice that would become the hallmark of the bands later releases. As such, this high-quality recording is a demonstration of Radiohead at their full rock & roll powers.

Over the course of this performance, Radiohead leans heavily on songs from The Bends, performing the album nearly in its entirety, including all five singles, with five additional numbers, all from the band’s debut album Pablo Honey (including „Creep”). Despite the emotional weight of the material, the band often find high and exalted moments, typified by the final encore performance of „Street Spirit.” Here Yorke ruminates about his own feelings of insignificance over Jonny Greenwood’s ringing guitar arpeggios, bringing the performance to an ecstatic close with the final lyric, „…immerse your soul in love.”


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