PH-1000 is a premium phono stage that combines a digital interface with a Class-A discrete component design, offering the widest range of equalisations, gain, load, and capacitance adjustments to correctly match any cartridge ever developed. It doesn’t just come with 18 EQ curves available for Stereo, Mono and 78rpm records - it allows you to adjust (yes, actually adjust) the equalisation to virtually recreate any EQ curve ever used to press a record.

It also boasts a headphone output with dedicated volume control, 3 independent inputs (RCA and XLR), and the Single Knob Control (the signature rotary control) that allows you to navigate the menu on the display to change settings while playing music. There’s more, such as the external load, Stereo/Mono control, phase inversion, L/R channel swap, and Rumble subsonic filter.

Not to mention that it can optionally feature a built-in Class-A line preamplifier – what more could you want?

The PH-1000 is available in two models, the PH-1000 and the PH-1000 LINE, with the LINE model featuring a built-in Class-A line preamplifier of the highest quality.

The line preamplifier stage allows you to control the volume directly on the PH-1000 meaning you can connect it directly to your power amp and thus create the shortest analogue audio path ever – the shortest the audio path, the better the quality of the audio signal.

That’s the reason why both models feature the headphone output with dedicated Class-A volume control, making it possible for you to create an even shorter audio path and listen to your records simply connecting your turntable to the PH-1000, and then adding your headphones. From the vinyl straight to your ears in just 4 stages.

The level of quality meets the highest standard throughout the entire production: from the aluminium ultra-solid chassis machined with precision to the electronic components and circuitry that undergo strict QC computer-controlled tests.

Moving to the specs: the phono stage features 12 load options (from 10Ω to 100KΩ), 14 gain levels (from 31dB to 74dB) and 7 options to adjust the capacitance (from off to 1000pF). There are 3 RCA and 2 XLR inputs which can also be used for external load plugs, and a dedicated connector for the external power supply.

There are 4 EQ curve setups that can be manually adjusted by acting on three main parameters (turnover bass, bass shelf and treble cut) using exclusively analogue technology. Each curve can also be further customised using the proprietary “Enhanced” function which comes from the Neumann Cutting Lathe project and provides a superior dynamic and high-frequency extension.

The rumble filter can be turned ON/OFF (it’s a 10Hz/36dB octave filter) and the Stereo/Mono control allows for 5 different settings (Stereo, Stereo 180°, Mono, Mono 180°, Mono L). Last but not least, it comes with a remote and the headphone output level can be set to High or Low to match a wide range of headphones despite their sensitivity.

The PH-1000 is already available in most countries thanks to our official distributors at a suggested retail price of 9.600€ for the PH-1000 and 13.500€ for the PH-1000 LINE.