Jubileuszowe flagowce Szwajcarów za pół miliona dolarów. Zamówienie po złożeniu depozytu w wysokości 60 tys. zielonych

Celebrated in 1987 for its unique design by the New York Museum of Modern art where it was displayed, and for its unique audio quality by worldwide audio enthusiasts who bought one of the 50 pairs then produced, the Goldmund Apologue stands forever as a major milestone in Goldmund history.

25 years later, Goldmund is paying a tribute to this extraordinary product by issuing a Limited Series of 25 Goldmund Apologue Anniversary with an exactly identical design but with all the technological progress made by the company during those 25 years.

To this extreme power, Goldmund added the latest signal corrections developed by Goldmund Fundamental Research department. If it is scientifically correct to say that the Apologue Anniversary is 100% corrected both in amplitude and phase, providing for the first time a “perfect response” from a pair of Speakers, we prefer to look at the technical achievements in this model from another angle. We do not develop technologies or manufacture equipment just for the sake of it.

Our ultimate objective and reward is to create emotions.

We believe that the more perfect the sound reproduction, the more intense these emotions will be. So we focus on the results the technologies we develop can provide in this sense. These are listed below:

• Incredible spaciousness,
• Each instrument is positioned at its correct place,
• Complete stability of the image,
• Perfectly well defined trebles,
• Extremely neat bass,
• Ultra high definition and precision in the voices,
• Higher playback levels without distortion,
• No fatigue to the listener, even at extremely high levels.

To the perfection of the sound, we also wanted to add the highest level in the design, ease of use and installation.

The signal feeding the Apologue Anniversary is sent exclusively wirelessly, so the 2 speakers of a Stereo System can be presented without any cable, except for an AC plug that can be installed below the speaker. So the superb design, with all its details can be admired by walking around the speakers, a possibility usually dangerous due to connecting cables. Goldmund thinks there is no reason to admire such an exceptional sculptural object only from the front and a pair of Apologue Anniversary can be observed as if they were in a Museum, even if playing Music at the same time.

About The Goldmund Custom Shop

Since this very special product will be purchased by a happy few very special people, we have decided to sell the Apologue through a VIP channel that was initially developed for the Goldmund Media Room: The Goldmund Custom Shop.

Thanks to the services offered by the Custom Shop, buyers can require a specific finish that they can select with Goldmund Custom Shop experts. It also provides them with unique services that include the system to be installed by Goldmund specialists from our Geneva factory, who will to tune it exactly to the customer room acoustics and setup. These engineers will travel anywhere in the world to customize Apologue’s configurations and make sure that the level of the system is up to the customers’ expectations.

In a time when all traditional audio products are usually sold as cash and carry and are heavily commoditized, such a personalized product and service are a privilege that only the Goldmund Custom Shop can provide.

The Apologue Anniversary price has been set slightly over half a million dollars and can be ordered with a deposit of 60000 dollars.

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