Goldmund introduces today a high tech computer audio system that will dramatically transform your sound environment during the long hours you are spending in front of your screens: the Goldmund Talisman Audio System.

Its name relates to an object that has been charged with magical properties, in this case the Goldmund technologies Proteus and Leonardo that are the secret ingredients to Goldmund’s sound clarity and power.

If the Talisman is the perfect computer audio system, its performance also allows various other applications. It can be used as a discreet audio system for your television, a simple stereo system for a small room or provide the privacy you need in front of your computer thanks to its headphone plug.

The system comprises the Nanometis Speakers and the Metis Talisman Hub, two lifestyle products holding the company’s latest developments in nanotechnology for ultimate sound reproduction.

The Metis Talisman is an elegant mini wireless hub the size of a jewelry box. It is the central piece of the system that allows connecting the speakers to multiple sources with its USB port, analog and digital RCA inputs, and toslink optical connection. In addition, it comes with a headphone plug.

It is delivered with a simplistic remote control and has push buttons for input selection and volume on the back panel. Input and volume controls are monitored by a linear led indicator running along the unit’s front panel.

Different colors are proposed for the standard version of the Talisman: Pearly White, Black, Clear Grey and Anthracite Grey, just like the Goldmund Nanometis Speakers described hereafter.

Both products come with a Goldmund logo engraved gold plaque. They are built in aluminum and handcrafted using the processes designed for the luxury watch manufacture, thus their impeccable finish.

The new Nanometis is the smallest and more versatile speaker proposed by the Swiss manufacturer. It completes an already very wide line of Goldmund high-end wireless speakers created to simplify customers’ lives thanks to models that are extremely easy to use and install.

Do not take this cute little speaker for another toy on the market, as it includes not less than the new Goldmund Leonardo 2 technology associated to Proteus and 140W of Telos amplification per pair.

Its impressive performance for its size also allows using it as a wireless surround speaker in a multichannel installation.

The Talisman Hub and Nanometis can also be ordered separately, which gives customers the choice to:
– Select different colors for the speakers and the hub.
– Use the Nanometis without the Talisman directly from your computer thanks to the USB dongle emitter provided with the speaker.
– Use the Nanometis with any other Goldmund Processor.
– Use the Metis Talisman Hub with any other Goldmund wireless speaker.

Lastly, two luxury finishes are available on demand for the Metis Talisman Hub: Goldmund Aluminum and Matt Gold.

And for those who are only satisfied with unique products, bespoke Gold and Rhodium plated versions can be created for this model, as well as completely personalized designs with inlaid gemstones.

Would the Talisman be the most feminine AND high Tech system of the Swiss brand?


Since the creation of Goldmund’s lifestyle wireless speakers line, the company has observed a very strong increase of sales to women who are looking for systems that answer their expectations in terms of sound quality, adaptability into their home décor, ease of use and installation.
A few years ago, Goldmund’s clientele almost uniquely comprised men, which has been the case for most companies in the audio world for years. As the high-end industry currently ignores them as potential customers, their actual choice in terms of high-end audio is split between gadgets with a terrible sound and the hassle of an audiophile system that crowds their living space with amplifiers and ugly cables.

Why should they have to choose between convenience and quality?

Well, Goldmund thinks that they shouldn’t, and the Talisman Audio System is just one more option the company proposes to modern women who will not settle for anything but the best in all domains of their lives.

The Goldmund Talisman Hub and Nanometis Speakers are delivered in a custom aluminum vanity case.
Talisman: 18 W x 11.6 D x 59 H (cm), 1.5 kg.
Nanometis: 13.8 W x 20.4 D x 18.5 H (cm), 4.8 kg.

About Goldmund

Founded in 1978, Goldmund has through the years set the standard for ultra-luxury audio products worldwide by allying the most advanced technologies to the utmost quality of materials and customized services.

Thanks to its commitment to fundamental research and massive investments in the technological development of extreme audio equipment, Goldmund has created mythical products such as the Reference II turntable, the world’s most expensive turntable, the Telos 5000 limited series 5000 watts amplifier, the Eidos Reference Blue, the most luxurious universal player, and the Goldmund Media Room, a revolutionary customized home-cinema solution.

Today, Goldmund continues to offer ultimate audiophile products and has also developed luxury lifestyle lines that integrate the technologies used in its most prestigious models.
These lines provide a unique sound quality while simplifying customers’ lives with wireless features, seamless integration in home automation systems, easy installation, customized software configuration adapted to the clients’ rooms, and a choice of colors to match their interior design.