Co nowego pokaże podczas tegorocznej edycji HIGH END w Monachium koncern Harman? Monobloki Mark Levinson № 536, serię kolumn Revel Concerta 2 oraz topowe JBL w nowej kolorystyce. Jedna z wersji dostępna będzie w barwach Ferrari, czyli rosso corsa

HARMAN Luxury Audio Group To Showcase First-Ever Demo of Mark Levinson № 536 Monaural Power Amplifier and Debut Custom Finish Options on Flagship JBL Everest and K2 Loudspeakers at HIGH END 2015

MUNICH, Germany — At HIGH END 2015 HARMAN Luxury Audio Group will be featuring the first-ever demonstration of the new № 536 Monaural Power Amplifier, which combines high power output with extraordinary sound quality and iconic industrial design. The No 536 will be demonstrated along with the recently released No 585 Integrated Amplifier and JBL’s flagship DD67000 Everest and K2-S9900 loudspeakers. The DD67000 Everest will be shown in high-gloss Polar White while the K2-S9900 with be shown in high-gloss Rosso Corsa – both additional-cost options that are part of a custom finish program that will be available later this year exclusively for the JBL Everest and K2 models. The system will be on exhibit at HIGH END 2015 at the MOC Munich, Atrium 4, 1.0G, F119 (May 14 – 17, 2015).

“At HIGH END 2015 we’ll be presenting the very finest in music reproduction,” said Jim Garrett, Director of Marketing and Product Management, HARMAN Luxury Audio Group. “With the world premiere of the Mark Levinson № 536 amplifier and the opportunity to hear the JBL Project Everest DD67000 loudspeaker, we intend to provide music lovers with nothing less than an unforgettable listening experience. Additionally, as part of our new custom finish program, the JBL Everest and K2 loudspeakers will be shown in Polar White (DD67000) and Rosso Corsa (K2-S9900). These new special order, limited availability color options utilize premium automotive-grade paints and finish techniques, and deliver a level of personalization that is befitting of these two statement loudspeakers.”

The JBL Everest and K2 loudspeakers on demonstration at HIGH-END 2015 in Polar White (DD67000) and Rosso Corsa (K2-S9900) are two of six new custom high-gloss painted finish options that include Deep Black, Polar White, Rosso Corsa, Verde Mantis, Racing Orange, and Sapphire Blue.

The № 536 delivers superlative amplifier performance. Its massive 400 watts output (into 8 ohms, 800 watts into 4 ohms), makes it ideal for the most demanding audio systems. The № 536 employs discrete class AB amplifier topology with no integrated circuits in the signal path along with Class A voltage gain and driver stages, a configuration that delivers exceptional sonic purity and resolution of the finest musical detail. Among its additional features are XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced outputs, two pairs of speaker binding posts, and Ethernet, RS-232 and 12-volt trigger inputs and outputs that enable interfacing with other Mark Levinson components and automation and control systems.

The Mark Levinson № 585 integrated amplifier delivers ultimate-quality music reproduction from analog and digital sources, including computers and music servers. The № 585 accommodates a wide variety of music sources including 32-bit/192kHz computer audio and DSD over PCM via USB. The № 585 employs fully discrete dual-monaural analog input and output circuitry and incorporates exclusive HARMAN Clari-Fi™ processing, which uses proprietary signal-enhancement techniques to provide the best-possible sound from compressed digital audio sources.

The JBL Project Everest DD67000 is the finest loudspeaker ever created by JBL, incorporating the company’s most advanced materials, components and technologies to set a new standard in audio reproduction. Now available in a stunning gloss white finish, the DD67000 combines the open, effortless quality of midrange and high-frequency compression drivers with the low-frequency authority and impact of dynamic drivers to convey music with remarkable fidelity and musical involvement. Complementing its sound quality, the DD67000 is striking in design, with distinctively curved and angled surfaces and furniture-grade craftsmanship.

Also being shown at HIGH END 2015 are Revel’s new Concerta2 series loudspeakers. The series features six models that incorporate numerous design and engineering upgrades to deliver exceptional sound and sets a new benchmark in high-end value. Along with their improved audio performance, Revel Concerta2 loudspeakers have a refined experience with new enclosures, high-gloss white and black finishes and elegant design accents.

Concerta2 Series loudspeakers employ a 1-inch aluminum tweeter with an integral phase ring, derived from Revel’s Performa3 Series, to deliver detailed and transparent high-frequency response. The tweeters are mated to a new, patented fourth-generation Acoustic Lens Waveguide that optimizes the blend between the tweeter and woofers and improves off-axis performance for smoother, more consistent performance over a wide listening area.

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