The affordable upgrade: new entry-level EVO3 Initium power cable from IsoTek

The new IsoTek EVO3 Initium marries high quality materials with intelligent construction to deliver a power cable of outstanding performance and mechanical integrity, which will neither degrade over time nor break your bank balance.

The simple, affordable IsoTek upgrade

EVO3 Initium is IsoTek’s new entry level power cable, designed to offer high quality performance at an extremely keen price. Initium is a must for replacing the standard black mains leads that are typically supplied with your audio and AV components. The latter are generally designed to do a basic job and no more. They lack the quality of materials and construction needed to protect the integrity of the electricity being fed into your system, thereby degrading performance.


EVO3 Initium key features

• Three x 2 mm2 conductors are arranged in a parallel construction with a slight rotational twist. This established technique remains the first line of defence against RFI and EMI.

• 99.9999% oxygen-free copper (OFC) conductors offer an exceptional level of purity with enhanced conductivity, and are less likely to fracture or degrade over time.

• Polyethylene (PE) dielectric is chemically inert and has a very low dielectric constant over a wide frequency range. It possesses a high degree of stress crack resistance and a low coefficient of friction, making it an exceptional dielectric. PE is also a top choice for safety in both temperature and electrical insulation.

• Cotton filler gives the cable internal strength and reduces microphony, while also possessing the best dielectric properties of a solid material.

• A paper wrap secures the construction prior to the application of the PVC outer jacket. Together with the cotton filler, the paper wrap forms a buffer with the PVC so as to maintain exceptional dielectric properties.

• A PVC outer jacket gives a high degree of flexibility and mechanical strength.

• Bespoke audiophile-grade IsoTek moulded connectors featuring solid OFC conductors with robust nickel plating.

• Cable length 1.5 m
• Outer diameter 10 mm

Clean power, pure sound

The first input into any audio or AV system is electricity. It is the ‘raw material’ from which the ‘art’ is created. Unfortunately, our mains supply is distorted by numerous factors from power station to home, eroding the performance of high-quality audio and AV systems. As the electronic devices we use proliferate and the demand for electrical power intensifies, the quality of the electricity we feed our systems continues to slide. Mains-borne ‘noise’ takes a number of forms. ‘Differential mode noise’ is exacerbated by the switch-mode power supplies that are common in many modern devices, from computers to kitchen appliances. ‘Common mode noise’ is ever-increasing thanks to wireless networking in
the home creating a sea of airborne interference. So even with the highest quality audio and AV equipment, you may only be accessing around 80 per cent of your system’s full potential. IsoTek’s range of power cleaning solutions offer the perfect upgrade for every system and budget. Four distinct series – Discovery, Performance, Select and Ultimate – deliver a clear upgrade path.

Pricing and availability

The IsoTek EVO3 Initium power cable is available now priced at £64.95 (including VAT) for a 1.5 metre terminated cable.

Suitable for CD players, preamps, tuners, power amps, Blu-ray players, music servers, TVs,
soundbars and more.

About IsoTek
IsoTek is a British company making award-winning power optimisation products for hi-fi and home cinema systems, from market-leading power conditioners focused on the specific requirements of individual systems, to a wide range of performance-enhancing cables and connectors. The brand is recognised as a leader in clean power technology and has earned numerous accolades from specialist audio and AV publications worldwide. Its products are enjoyed by more than 100,000 customers in 45 countries, and have been used in the development and demonstration of products from Arcam, Denon, Genesis Advanced Technologies, Marantz, Monitor Audio, Nordost, Onkyo, Pioneer, PMC, Primare, Roksan and TEAC Esoteric. All IsoTek products are designed for purpose, manufactured in Europe and built to last.