JOB 225

JOB 225
Mały, ale nadzwyczaj krzepki, w dodatku rozsądnie wyceniony wzmacniacz stereofoniczny ze szwajcarsko-amerykańskiej manufaktury. Miłe, że są jeszcze firmy, które produkują proste końcowe integry, a nie przerażająco wszechstronne kombajny z wi-fi, bluetoothem, konwerterem, snopowiązałką i świecą zapachową

The JOB 225 is a Stereo unit of 2 x 125W power in a reasonably small chassis. Totally protected, easy to use, perfectly silent, it is THE amplifier for an audiophile who is conscious of his budget but demanding the absolute in terms of sonic quality.

With its extraordinary dynamic capability and its unconditional stability, it can drive anything. More, with the JOB proprietary „Ultra-Control” of the speaker, any speaker even a large one will sound better when used with the JOB 225.

With extremely low distortion, especially IM distortion, literally zero group delay distortion, ultra-wide Megahertz bandwidth and DC coupling, extreme silence and cool operation, it can be played at high level with the same impression of ease as at low levels.

Thanks to the JOB Elecronics large scale of operation on power amplifiers, the JOB 225 is also offered at a realistic price, where high-end audio manufacturers would charge $6’000 or $15’000 if the same amplifier were sold through the traditional channels.

To achieve exceptional sound quality, we needed exceptional construction quality. We picked the best components on earth, and have them assembled by Swiss companies who can guarantee the most accurately assembled products. No amateurism accepted. And to be sure of what we deliver, we test the finished product by running it for a week. The result is an exceptional reliability with the lowest failure rate we could even have dreamed of.



Nominal Power: 125W on 8 Ohms per channel

Power RMS (Goldmund FPP Standard): 210W on 8 Ohms each channel

Nominal line voltage: 117 V

Input voltage range: +/- 15 %.


These figures are valid for any level between 0 and nominal power.

+/- 0.5 dB, 10 Hz – .1 MHz.

+/- 3 dB, 2 Hz – 0.9 MHz.


Nominal level: 0.75 V.


Propagation delay < 80 ns stable with frequency from 2Hz to 200 kHz.


Figures valid for all levels from 0 to 25 V / 8 Ohms.

Dynamic: TID < 0.01 % (- 80 dB).

Static: THD < 0.01 % (- 80 dB).


Rise time: < 200 ns.


Weighted ASA A :> 100 dB.


Room temperature: -22 to +104 degrees Fahrenheit


Nominal line voltage: 117 V.

Toroidal Power Transformer to minimize radiated noise

2 separated power supplies (left and right)

Maximum power consumption: 450 W.


36cm (11.8″) W x 24.5cm (11.2″) D x 8.8cm (2.4″) H. – Weight: 7kg (15.4 lbs) net. FINISH

Dark Grey anodized metal.


1 year, parts and labor.

Price and Availability:


About JOB Electronics:

JOB Electronics, created in 1994, is based in both Geneva Switzerland and Los Angeles USA.

Our mission is to design, manufacture and market the best and the most user-friendly sound equipment for homes. Instead of developing mass marketing products of cheap value, JOB prefers to concentrate on the absolute highest technology. We sell our techniques both to larger-market companies, and directly to audiophiles who cannot afford the top high end products but want the same sound quality at the lowest possible price.

The affordable price, quality of make and ease of use differentiate the JOB products from ultra-High-end components, considered too expensive, and from other mid-fi components, which are less satisfactory in sound quality.

After a few years of research, Job comes back to the market with the latest addition to the JOB amplifiers family: the new Job 225, by far the most advanced amplifier ever designed by JOB.

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