Most loudspeakers are designed for, and tested in, an anechoic chamber - an echo-free room with absorbent material on all surfaces, hence one without sound reflections. But in reality, we neither live nor listen in such a room, so to get optimal sound from conventional speakers requires precise placement well away from walls - leaving us with a lot less ‘room’ for living and listening.

Larsen is a Swedish loudspeaker brand whose models are specifically designed to resolve this conundrum by working with, rather than fighting, sound reflections. Constructed to thrive and perform phenomenally in a normal room, they use surface sound reflections to their advantage to enrich the listening experience rather than degrading it.

Larsen loudspeakers are designed to stand flush against the rear wall of the listening room, using the wall to create a deep and full bass from a relatively compact cabinet. This placement, combined with the unique positioning and angle of the drivers, which are flanked by absorption material, virtually eliminates the wall as a source of colouration. The net effect is a large, spacious, deep, and wide soundstage that holds up as you move around the room – so no need to fight over that one single ‘sweet spot’ when listening with friends.

John Larsen, the designer behind the Larsen range, worked with Swedish engineer Stig Carlsson for sixteen years until Carlsson’s death in 1997. Carlsson invented the patented design principle used in Larsen’s speakers and was the man behind Sonab’s renowned speakers in the sixties and seventies before creating his own line, Carlsson Ortho-Acoustic.

Larsen has since expanded upon and enhanced the original Carlsson designs to produce three successor models: the entry-level Larsen 4.2 floorstander, the Larsen 6.2 floorstander and the flagship Larsen 8 floorstander. A range of SC surround sound/centre speakers
completes the Larsen line.

“I was delighted by the reaction of visitors to The Bristol Show,” said Larsen. “People loved the big, deep sound and they immediately appreciated the ‘backs to the wall’ concept. I guess space is valuable to us all these days!”

Pricing & availability

Larsen 4.2 floorstander £995
Larsen 6.2 floorstander £1,995
Larsen 8 floorstander £3,995
Larsen 4 SC surround / centre speaker £495
Larsen 6/8 SC surround / centre speaker £895