Granitowa obudowa, nietypowy przetwornik szerokopasmowy i wysoka skuteczność. W zestawieniu z lampą może być bajecznie. Konstruktor właśnie pracuje nad aktywnym basem do L'enceinte Beleue. Szczegóły konstrukcji za 7500 euro w informacji producenta poniżej 

The latest acoustic product by Madotec is called « L’Enceinte Bleue ». This poetic name reminds the material that was used for making the enclosure of that unique loudspeaker i .e. the « Bleu du Hainaut » granite from Belgium. The filterless full range concept has been the main objective of the project that led to the use of a 12’’ driver made by Electro Magnet Speaker, a french company based in Beziers in southern France, hold and managed by the Fertin daughter and father team, Catherine and Michel, long-time experts in high quality loudspeakers. This model LB12 has a powerful ferrite magnet and shows amazing specifications for such a large cone.

The exclusive design of L’Enceinte Bleue has followed three rules. Aesthetic rule with a compact and eye-catching style. Technical rule by using a high quality single driver able to reproduce the audio bandwidth from 60 Hz to 15 kHz. Artistic rule by creating an extremely heavy enclosure in 30 mm thick granite that has allowed for the uniqueness of the design and for the extreme resolution and musicality of the sound. The lack of low bass has been part of the concept so that the LB12 can play with extraordinary fastness and clarity. A low bass loudspeaker (not a subwoofer) has been studied and will be offered soon as an option as well as the use of a field coil driver LB12 EX with a dedicated power supply. Last but not least, the 97dB/W /m sensitivity makes L’Enceinte Bleue a great partner for low powered tube amplifiers.

Specifications :

Type : bass reflex with a single 12’’ full range paper cone driver Nominal power : 50W RMS Impédance : 16 ohms Sensitivity : 97dB/W/m Frequency response : 55 Hz – 15 kHz à +/- 3dB Connectors : one pair of WBT Nextgen 0703 silver binding-posts and one copper banana female connector for grounding the LB12 basketet une embase banane cuivre Internal cabling : paper insulated Mundorf 17 mm silver foil Price : 7500 euros/pair

Information request to : MADOTEC 17 avenue de Saxe 75007 Paris Tél / Fax 01 47 34 55 66 Mobile 06 75 20 84 80 http :// www . madotec . fr

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