Firma Andrzeja Lipińskiego, wybitnego polskiego inżyniera dźwięku oraz konstruktora sprzętu na rynek profesjonalny i audiofilski, z okazji swojego 10-lecia wypuszcza zmodernizowaną wersję monitorów, uznawanych za światową referencję

he revised L-707A family of monitors are the latest development in a series of loudspeakers starting with the original L-707. Each section of the modular speaker system is powered by its own individual class A amplifier. Every effort has been made to ensure the highest fidelity possible including special care to isolate the amplifier’s sensitive electronics from performance degrading cabinet resonance.

Products based on Lipinski Sound’s proprietary class A opamps will also be on display. The discrete design, simply called Lipinski SQUARE, is unique in that at no point does the audio signal pass through an integrated circuit, condenser, coil, or transformer.

MicPre L609 – developed from Lipinski Sound’s own award winning Signature series L-408 & L-409.

Parametric EQ L619 – based on Sontec sound and ballistics.

Compressor L629 – inspired by vintage Fairchild principles and ballistics, but with dramatically reduced noise and distortion.

Power Supply L600 – high current replacement power supply designed as an upgrade for the API 500VPR.

Lipinski Sound has established its reputation by building first class analog audio gear since 2003. Its loudspeakers are used as reference monitors in the finest recording and mastering facilities in the world and trusted by some of the most prestigious international university music programs.

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