Loewe has launched the new Subwoofer 300, a compact and efficient premium-quality subwoofer. Combining simple, streamlined design with technical sophistication, the Subwoofer 300 delivers an impressive combination of smart aesthetics, convenient facilities and top-quality acoustical performance.

The Subwoofer 300 sports an impeccably finished black chassis, which, together with its compact and rigid construction, lends the subwoofer a distinguished air. The top of the unit consists of a thick 6mm aluminum plate, elegantly constructed with no visible fixings or screws whatsoever. All ports are located on the underside, the hidden cable tray contributing to the sleek and subtle appearance of the subwoofer.

The acoustic settings of the Subwoofer 300 can be adjusted individually to allow for the subwoofer’s room location. Whether you position it in free space, close to a wall or in a corner, the Subwoofer 300 will provide the ideal set-up for any situation.

Three 15cm drivers – one active driver driven by 150 watts of built-in amplification and two passive radiators – ensure the Subwoofer 300 is a real sonic powerhouse. These drivers combine to deliver deep, powerful and tightly focused bass, an eminently satisfying blend of power and quality despite the subwoofer’s compact dimensions. Used in combination with any Loewe television, the Subwoofer 300 enhances both films and music, making all your content a more powerful and dramatic experience.

Partnered with any Loewe TV, the system becomes a 2.1 configuration, with the television’s class-leading on-board speakers providing the left and right channels. Adding a pair of external Loewe speakers gives you a 3.1 array, with the TV acting as a centre speaker and your state-of-the-art Loewe speakers providing the left and right channels. The Subwoofer 300 carries on-board amplification for the two extra channels – of 75W per channel – enabling it to expertly drive the two external Loewe speakers as part of a stunning 3.1 system.

In addition, Loewe’s audio engineers have paid meticulous attention to creating a harmonious sonic balance between the Subwoofer 300 and other Loewe speakers, with their acoustic characteristics adjusted perfectly to match one another’s response.

The Subwoofer 300 is designed for convenience and ease of use, as well as performance. With on-board audio decoding, you can choose even the most affordable Loewe TV safe in the knowledge that the subwoofer will partner with it seamlessly. It also comes with a full complement of analogue and digital connections – with cables supplied – to ensure you can match the Subwoofer 300 to any partnering equipment you choose. The Subwoofer 300 can also be operated seamlessly, along with the rest of your Loewe system, with just a single Loewe remote, with sleek functionality including auto switch-on of the whole system when you turn on the TV.

Thanks to Loewe’s smart menu navigation and automatic device detection, any Loewe system featuring the Subwoofer 300 is set up quickly and easily. The Subwoofer 300 comes pre-loaded with the crossover frequency settings for the various Loewe speaker options – simply select one of three pre-sets on the sub.

For even more of Loewe’s deep and punchy bass, two Subwoofer 300s can be easily combined. This also provides the option of a full 5.2 surround system, with the front and Loewe Subwoofer 300 rear speakers powered by the two subwoofers (and the TV as the centre channel), thus
dispensing entirely with the need for any extra amplification or audio decoding.

The Loewe Subwoofer 300 is designed and made in Germany and is available from June 2016 at a price of £595 (inc. VAT) at specialist retailers.