Merging speed with sound this audio and automotive collaboration brings the spirit of Italy to life through the  Maserati MC20 super sports car equipped with Sonus faber amplified audio 

Bonded by their commitment to excellent craftmanship, technological  advancements and time-honored traditions, the Maserati x Sonus faber collaboration fuses powerful performance  with symphonic sounds to blend the unique voices of these authentic Italian brands. With both brands individually  known for their distinct aesthetics a clash was potentially imminent, however, this unique pairing showcases how  these differing industries complement one another and morph into one harmonious experience with the September  unveiling of the Maserati MC20 super sports car —powered by Sonus faber audio.  

Sonus faber, founded in Vicenza in 1983, embodies the translation of its name, “handmade sound”, to create luxury  audio systems that illustrate the brand’s mission of using innovative technologies and skillful craftmanship to achieve  its refined design. Maserati, inseparably linked to bold personality and a defined aesthetic, has continued to amass  its devout following since the brand’s 1914 inception. Maserati has set the standard in the luxury automotive  industry and with the MC20 model outfitted with the profound sound quality of Sonus faber, both brands are certain  to broaden its reach and adopt a new set of brand loyalists with this collaboration. Expressing his anticipation for  this synergistic partnership, McIntosh Group Co-CEO and CEO of the Sonus faber brand, Jeff Poggi, said, “The  collaboration with Maserati is the perfect marriage of Italian culture and aligns seamlessly given each brand’s  promise to deliver the highest quality experience to its devout clientele. Outfitted with a dynamic, high power 695- watt amplifier and transducers crafted with refined, natural materials, the Sonus faber system compliments the  performance and luxury of the Maserati brand.”  

Forging a new path representative of the Italian culture, the merger of these luxury brands was a journey that Sonus  faber was proud to embark on with its familial counterpart. “The collaboration with Maserati represents such a  perfect overlap of values, identities and cultures that it almost feels like returning home and being enveloped by an  embrace that only your family can provide. Sonus faber is extremely proud and excited to share with its customers  the results of the cooperation between two Italian classics’.” said Sonus faber Brand Ambassador Paolo Tezzon. “The  caliber of detail that goes into manufacturing a Maserati model perfectly matched Sonus faber’s attention to detail  and inspired our team to focus on what has defined the brand over the years—expert craftsmanship. Utilizing tuning  to provide a naturally distinguishable sound we complimented the intense force of the Maserati Tridente engine  with Sonus faber’s soothing natural sound to create a hybrid of melodic movement.”  

Despite their continuous evolutions, Maserati and Sonus faber remain committed to its time-honored tradition of  delivering expertly crafted automotive instruments and sophisticated audio that defy the norm. This September  launch continues to challenge the ordinary by offering a rarity to customers by exclusively equipping the current  production of the MC20 model with the Sonus faber system. Collectively offering cutting edge features while  maintaining its individual appeal, this collaboration embodies the best of both brands, providing an exceptional  driving and listening experience symbolic of the Italian spirit.  

The Maserati x Sonus faber MC20 super sports car launches on September 9 and will be available from September  10 for pre-order. 


The Maserati MC20 is the only model in the world currently in production with Sonus faber sound system. It features  12 channels High Power Amplifier with 695 Watts of power and 12 speakers with specific characteristics in order to  stay true to the Sonus faber philosophy, which is the ultimate pursuit of “natural sound”, creating a sound  reproduction that implies the use of natural materials like the silk used for the tweeters’ dome.  

Thanks to the specific Sonus faber tuning, the sound results always natural, clear and detailed giving the listener the  ability to distinguish the different instruments on the stage, with the emotion of experiencing a live music  performance.  

Sonus faber audio system for the Maserati MC20 vehicle cabin is designed and engineered in Italy just like Maserati:  Tradition, Innovation, Power and Sound come together bringing to life the real Italian excellence.  The audio system in key points:  

• Sonus faber natural sound delivered by consistent application of key technologies and philosophy design  approach as found in our award-winning home loudspeakers 

• Signature ‘Voice of Sonus faber’ sound achieved by optimizing the phase and amplitude alignment between  midrange and tweeter 

• Sonus faber technicians optimize the final voicing by ear – to ensure an amazing emotional listening  experience for the customer 

• Natural materials and proprietary loudspeaker design and construction used to deliver our unique tonal  balance throughout the vehicle cabin 

• Unprecedent dynamic range delivered by a high power 695-watt Class-D Dual 400MHz DSP amplifier with  oversized power supply delivering twice the current required from the amplifier at maximum volume • Smooth frequency response and a precise sound stage is enabled by 12 independently driven speakers 5  Tweeters x 45W, 5 Midranges x 60W, and 2 Woofers x 60W.


Sonus faber is an Italian manufacturer of handcrafted speakers, and other high-end audio equipment, born from the  idea of a man who loved music and its correct reproduction, but also from a person with a special sensibility about  handcrafted wood products and a true reverence for beauty. Sonus faber brand tells a story by means of sound and  materials. Each Sonus faber product, be it past, present or future, is able to take the listener into a world of long 

lasting tradition, Italian culture and craftsmanship. Our handmade musical instruments are true to Italian expertise,  with an unforgettable voice that immerses you in a natural sound experience.  


McIntosh Group is a holding company that specializes in high quality audio equipment and owns the brands:  McIntosh, Sonus faber and Sumiko. Through its distribution company Sumiko, McIntosh Group also distributes in  North America the premium audio brands Pro-Ject, Basso Continuo and Rotel Electronics. The common denominator  of all the big companies that make up McIntosh Group is the aim of making recordings generate all the excitement  of live music. Sophisticated electronics, avant-garde technology, refined design and selection of top-quality materials  are the ingredients that make McIntosh Group a reality that knows no equal, one of the largest groups in the Hi-End  sector globally.