Brytyjczycy zapowiadają nową bezstratną technologię kodowania i dekodowania dźwięku pozwalającą przenosić w małych plikach zapis muzyczny z masterów

Nośnikiem przetwarzanych tą metodą plików mogą być dotychczas stosowane formaty, takie jak FLAC, ALAC czy WAV. Technologia pozwala na bezbłędną kompresję i dekompresję wszystkich masterów począwszy od 44,1 kHz aż do 768 kHz. MQA – według Boba Stuarta, założyciela Meridiana – może zrewolucjonizować jakość streamingu i downloadu, do czego ma się przyczynić niewielka waga plików pakowanych za pomocą Master Quality Autenticated. Premierę nowego systemu zapowiedziano na początek 2015 roku. Więcej – poniżej.

Developed by Meridian, MQA is a breakthrough technology to reverse the trend, in which
sound quality has been continually sacrificed for convenience. Vital elements of our music
have been thrown away to fit thousands of songs into a pocket or millions in a cloud. With
MQA there is no sacrifice; it brings us right back to the enthralling sound of live music. MQA
captures and preserves nuances and vital information that current music files obscure or
discard, but in a file that is small and convenient to download or stream.

MQA allows listeners to experience every intricate detail the microphone heard, offering
music fans the purest ever sound. And it’s based firmly in science. For the first time in history,
music fans will be able to hear at home what the artist created and approved in the recording
studio, and MQA confirms its exact delivery.

Bob Stuart, the pioneer behind MQA technology said: “Music lovers need no longer be
shortchanged; finally we can all hear exactly what the musicians recorded. MQA gives a
clear, accurate and authentic path from the recording studio all the way to any listening
environment – at home, in the car or on the go. And we didn’t sacrifice convenience. ”Stuart
also advised that “the announcement of MQA is really about the future of recorded music.

Music is important to us all. When the sound is authentic it is more involving, we understand it
better and enjoy it longer. MQA is already receiving broad support from the music industry,
artists, recording and mastering engineers and record labels.”

MQA will be available early 2015.

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