Nowe audiofilskie przewody z firmy cieszącej się niezmiennie znakomitą reputacją w audiofilskim środowisku. Szczegóły - poniżej

High-performance manufacturer MIT Cables, announces the availability of a broad line of new products. Known for nearly 30 years for its top of the line Reference cable products featuring outboard passive parallel networks to optimize poles of articulation and efficiency of power transfer, MIT is launching a new range of SL-Matrix High End audio interfaces utilizing many of the same patented features, but using surface-mount technology to miniaturize the networks and bring the cables to much more affordable price points.

By listening to feedback from its long-term dedicated customer base, MIT found that many wanted the benefits of MIT’s acclaimed Oracle Reference-level products, but desired cables that were more user-friendly and at more affordable price points. MIT responded by investing in a long engineering process from the ground up, and has developed a completely new product line for the audiophile and music lover, with a fresh new look and enhanced performance at far lower prices.

The SL-Matrix series will feature three interconnect/speaker interface pairings:

SL-Matrix 26i/39s (starting at $1299/1m pair for single-ended interconnect, $2499/8ft pair speaker interface) The SL-Matrix 39 speaker and SL-Matrix 26 audio interfaces (available in both balanced and single-ended configurations) are the result of a two-year project to miniaturize and improve the hallmark MIT network systems. Particular emphasis has been placed on optimizing the all-important midrange octaves for increased realism and naturalness of voices and musical instruments. Special attention has been given to the critical region between middle C and A-440Hz, where most vocal and solo instrument information resides. This adds to your enjoyment of both music and movies, as all of the fundamental frequencies and first several harmonics are presented in perfect balance with each other.

MIT’s SL-Matrix 26i/36s Series are the perfect expression of 30 years of MIT innovation, distilled down to more affordable price points. Compared to “just cable”, you’ll hear superb and articulate voicing, along with enhanced image and focus.

SL-Matrix 36i/70S (starting at $2,499/1m pair, $4,999/8ft pair speaker interface) The relative strength of harmonics relative to a note’s fundamental frequency is what gives each instrument its characteristic tonal color. SL-Matrix 70 speaker interface and SL-Matrix 36 audio interfaces feature poles of articulation optimized through all ten audible octaves, centered about the central frequency of all Western music (A4 = 440 Hz). The SL-Matrix 70 speaker interface and SL-Matrix 36 audio interfaces then add numerous harmonics to each octave in proper proportion according to the physics of music. When multiple instruments are played together, accurate timbre for each is what develops musical density and texture, easily heard in live performances but very difficult to recreate with a music system. By reproducing at least seven harmonics in proper balance, the timbre of each instrument can be completely realistically portrayed. When the highest frequencies are aligned in correct amplitude and time, the imaging and soundstage cues snap into focus and the recording setup and environment are clearly delineated in space.

The SL-Matrix 36i/70s Series were designed together to be a synergistic pairing to bring you much more of the music present in your recordings. Compared to “just cable”, you’ll hear a richer, more dense texture in musical pieces, revealing a properly layered presentation.

SL-Matrix 50i/90s (starting at $4,999/1m pr, $9,999/8 ft pr speaker interface) The SL-Matrix90 speaker and SL-Matrix50 audio interfaces create additional poles of articulation in the network, optimizing the musical intervals within each octave, resulting in a High Definition (HD) presentation. This HD process further extends the naturalness of response at all frequencies, and results in not only more realistic timbre, but in accurately rendering the acoustic space of the recording venue. The SL-Matrix 70/36 Series reveals depth and space between images, and very fine resolution of spatial cues. The soundstage is larger and deeper, with a greater sense of vivid “air” in which the images exist.

The MIT SL-Matrix 50i/90s audio interfaces will give you true state of the art performance in your system, retrieving all of the musical detail present in your recordings, at a price level never before attainable. Compared to “just cable”, you’ll hear the recoding’s full natural timbre and tonal balance, deeper sound-staging, and a highly detailed and resolved sonic tapestry and resolution.

Please visit for further details on these and our other fine products, and look for a series of videos explaining the technologies. Each SL-Matrix model is available in several standard lengths from stock, as well as custom lengths made to order.