MoFi™ has produced premium high-quality vinyl, CD, and SACD Original Master Recordings™ since 1977. Now, the independent record label is bringing its legendary sonic pedigree to a series of made-in-the-USA turntables and home audio components. MoFi is designing these products to get listeners as close as possible to hearing the sound of artists’ original master tapes. The public debut takes place at the High End Munich audio show starting on May 5.

“We’re building off the decades of experience MoFi has delivering the highest-fidelity editions of music’s most important albums,” said Jim Davis, President of MoFi. “The same perfectionist approach that goes into a MoFi Original Master Recording is being put into building turntables and electronics that offer high performance and high value.”

StudioDeck ($999) and UltraDeck ($1,799) feature technology typically reserved for much more expensive turntables. Each model uses MoFi’s in-house-designed 10-inch tonearm to achieve an optimum balance of rigidity and low tracking error. Custom vibration-damping feet isolate the turntables from external vibration and create an extremely stable foundation. MoFi selected Delrin™—a material very similar to vinyl—as the platter material for its neutral sonic signature and ability to dissipate vibrations. Both models will start shipping this summer.


StudioTracker MM ($199), UltraTracker MM ($499), and MasterTracker MM ($699) utilize two powerful lightweight magnets precisely aligned with the left and right channels in the stereo groove. This topology mirrors the layout of a cutter head used to make a record’s master lacquer and offers increased channel separation, higher resolution, and excellent tracking.

Phono Preamplifiers

StudioPhono ($299) and UltraPhono ($499) have modes for MM or MC cartridges, a subsonic filter, and a setting for mono playback. UltraPhono includes a powerful, built-in Class-A headphone amplifier for experiencing vinyl records through headphones.

Public Debut

High End Munich at the MOC | May 5 through May 8
High Fidelity Studio room, Atrium 4.1 (1st floor), F127 and F128

About MoFi™

MoFi™ enjoys a long-standing heritage as one of the world’s premier audiophile record labels and remastering studios. The independently owned and operated imprint produces coveted Original Master Recordings™ on vinyl and SACD—including transformative albums from iconic artists such as Ray Charles, Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, Dire Straits, Santana, Janis Joplin, James Taylor, Aretha Franklin, and many more. Visit for more information.

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