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NAD Electronics, the highly regarded manufacturer of high-performance Hi-Fi components and headphones, unveils the latest edition to its VISO headphone range – the on-ear VISO HP30. Featuring NAD’s unique RoomFeel™ technology, which combines unprecedented sound accuracy with the aural spaciousness normally associated with listening to a pair of high-quality loudspeakers in a great listening room, the VISO HP30 packages NAD’s legendary sound quality into a stylish and portable headphone that folds into a compact form for easy transportation.

NAD_HP30_Lying-Down_Black_Med_webThe VISO HP30 on-ear, closed-back design includes an internally damped acoustic chamber for tight articulate bass and stunningly natural vocals. Ultra-low mass, high excursion 40mm drivers featuring neodymium magnets deliver shimmering highs and extended bass response.

Ideal for those that demand high quality sound when out and about as much as when at home, portability and comfort are as much a priority as performance. The ear cups are attached to the aluminium headband, and soft foam ear pads perfectly conform to the ear for a nice seal to isolate sound and provide long-term comfort. When not in use, the VISO HP30’s clever folding system and included custom-designed carry case make them easy to stow away.

RoomFeel™ – a breakthrough in headphone audio quality

Through its ground-breaking research on the frequency response of sound at the ear drum, NAD utlises a completely new concept of audio design for headphones called ‘RoomFeel’. Headphones are binaural (each ear is isolated) whereas almost all recordings are recorded in stereo where both ears hear both left and right speakers, which are designed for in-room listening. This alters the sound of the speakers in a predictable way, and RoomFeel technology takes this effect into consideration to bring realism back into the VISO HP30 listening experience. Other headphones may attempt to create the same effect by NAD_HP30_3_4_Red_Med_webartificially boosting the bass, which only results in sound that is either overblown or too thin. The NAD VISO HP30 gets the effect exactly right.

RoomFeel involves calibrating the chamber design on both sides of the driver and adjusting the corresponding target response curve, which can be ‘tuned’ to get the desired response. Getting the correct ‘transfer function’ ensures accurate sound reproduction with natural aural spaciousness and balance as if listening to a pair of high-quality loudspeakers in a room. In addition, every VISO HP30 driver is individually calibrated, then matched as pairs within an extremely tight tolerance to the reference response.

“The HP30s extend our NAD VISO headphone range and we are delighted with the results. We believe that our RoomFeel technology implemented into the VISO HP30 proves again that headphone listening can be just as involving and enjoyable as listening to a great HiFi system in the home,” states Greg Stidsen, Director Technology and Product Planning at NAD. “The added bonus is that it makes the experience that little bit more personal. I think that anyone who loves music is going to love the HP30s.”

Available in three high gloss colours, Black, Red, or White, the NAD VISO HP30 comes with its own neoprene travel case, two detachable tangle-free cords – one standard and one Made for iPhone in-line remote control and microphone – and ¼” stereo and airplane adaptors.

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