Dla osób, które nie cierpią na ostrą audiofilską nerwicę to może być ostatni konwerter w życiu No, może przynajmniej ostatni do końca tego roku. Przetwornik wzbija się na pułap 24/384 PCM i DSD i wraz z zewnętrznym zasilaczem MPS kosztuje 22 900 euro. Szczegóły - w informacji poniżej

Introduction of new models follows a strict procedure at Nagra. A new product is considered worthy of appearing in the catalogue once it brings a true improvement in sonic reproduction. The new Nagra HD DAC D/A converter reaches and probably surpasses this goal, it opens the musical path to high definition.

Nobody contests the inherent progress in digital audio developments since the beginning of such technology in the early ‘80s. In fact, Nagra contributed to setting highest standard in digital audio by introducing the Nagra D, first 96 kHz/24 bit digital recorder in 1992. But, at the same time, numerous audio professionals and enthusiasts estimate that in the transition from analog to digital, the musical reproduction has lost its natural and true sound, despite many improvements this gap has never been completely bridged.

The Nagra HD DAC crosses this bridge remarkably allowing the original musical qualities of the great analog masters to be reborn. Thanks to remarkable efforts in R&D, the unit is able to reproduce the purest sound possible, totally free of traditional artifacts, that until now, digital audio has been unable to avoid.

To achieve these heights, the company’s engineers adopted a superlative approach in every direction. For the digital part, they have chosen the most advanced conversion techniques available today. They worked hand-in-hand with Andreas Koch, AKDesign, pioneering engineer in the DSD (Direct Stream Digital) format, used in professional music studios. The circuits of the Nagra HD DAC use the DSD 2X version of the format: they operate at a level 128 times superior to that of traditional CD and twice that of SACD. The sampling frequency reaches 5.6 MHz and the internal calculations use 72 bit precision. This method produces a signal with such quality that the steep slope input filters on the analog section can be eliminated. The result is that the harmonics and transients are perfectly maintained allowing the music to conserve its natural depth and essence.

The output analog circuits also benefit from intricate development. The driver stage is built around matched and ultra-high-speed components and has no less than 32 decoupling capacitors. The in-house hand-wound impedance matching Nagra transformers link this driver to the output stage, built around a military spec tube design.

The unit counts 25 internal power supplies in total, all high-precision and ultra-low noise. The majority of the critical components are custom built exclusively for Nagra. Two external independent power supplies are needed, one for the analog and one for the digital sections. As an option, the Nagra HD DAC can be powered by the Nagra MPS multiple power supply allowing maximum performance to be achieved.

The Nagra HD DAC converter is equipped with an extensive connection panel, allowing simple integration into all types of domestic and professional systems. It is also an ideal link to the computer world: thanks to its USB audio input, it is able to accept a signal up to DSD 128 coming from a PC or MAC. The Nagra HD DAC also offers an output attenuator to make a direct connection to power amplifiers and an extremely high-quality headphone amplifier. It can thus form the heart of a system built around digital sources.

The Nagra HD DAC will be available in the first quarter of 2014 through official Nagra dealers.

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