Linia nowych produktów Uniti z Bluetoothem i Spotify. Szczegóły w informacji poniżej

Introducing Uniti, now with Bluetooth (aptX) and Spotify Connect

We are delighted to announce that our award-winning Uniti range of all-in-one players will now feature Bluetooth (aptX) and Spotify Connect.

Since the launch of the original NaimUniti in 2009, the Uniti range has grown to encompass three more all-in-one players (SuperUniti, UnitiLite, UnitiQute 2) which have recast the rule book for high-fidelity music playback. Offering a wide range of music streaming features including high-resolution UPnP music streaming and an integrated amplifier inspired by the iconic Naim NAIT, they have attracted wide spread critical acclaim from experts, most recently with the UnitiQute 2 winning a coveted What Hi-Fi? Product of the Year award.

Now, with Bluetooth (aptX) and Spotify Connect on board, the Uniti range makes for an even more compelling all-in-one hi-fi system. Spotify Connect will also feature on new ND5 XS, NDX and NDS network players and the NAC-N172 XS streaming preamplifier.

Spotify Connect for existing customers

As part of our commitment to support existing customers and continually improve their experience of Naim products, we will be making Spotify Connect available as a free software download for existing Uniti and network player owners. More information on the timing and details of the software update will be made available in due course.

Further information

Bluetooth (aptX)

To pair a Bluetooth device with Uniti the user simply has to select Bluetooth from the inputs of their player. The Uniti all-in-one will then appear in the list of discoverable devices from any compatible Bluetooth device. The new Bluetooth module features the aptX codec for quality audio playback and a new aerial is supplied for fitting to the rear panel. Bluetooth will not be available as an upgrade for existing owners.

Spotify Connect

Spotify Connect gives access to the millions of songs of the world’s most popular streaming service. With a Spotify Premium subscription users can control Spotify and play back wirelessly, direct from their Naim streaming product. And, as the Naim player streams directly from Spotify’s servers, the battery life of the device is preserved and is free to open other apps and make calls without interrupting the music.

Android Control, Multiroom and Party Mode

This latest announcement comes after the recently launched new Naim app, which is now available for Android as well as iOS devices, and the arrival of our new mu-so wireless music system in store in the UK.

When used as a client player in a multiroom system, mu-so makes a full Naim multiroom system a reality for even more people. Any combination of Uniti all-in-one players, network players and client mu-so wireless music systems can be used to play music in perfect sync in up to five different rooms.

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