Nowa sieciówka Nordosta. Sugerowana cena - 350 dolarów za 1 metr i 75 za dodatkowe pół. Szczegóły w informacji producenta

Nordost is now shipping the Red Dawn™ power cord as part of its premier line of Leif Series cables for audio and video components. Its heavier gauge (14 AWG) stranded construction uses our proprietary Micro Mono-Filament FEP technology and has a power handling rating of 10 amps.

The new Red Dawn power cable offers a much improved performance over the stock power cables supplied with most AV equipment. The cable is UL approved and designed for use with all two channel and multichannel AV components as well as video projectors and televisions. Unlike conventional power cables that use thick insulation which impedes current flow and slows transient response, the new, heavier gauge, Red Dawn cable offers improved transient response better power transfer and increased thermal efficiency.

“We’ve applied Micro Mono-Filament FEP technology to a heavier gauge stranded power cable in our Red Dawn’s construction to offer a flexible cable which can deliver more power efficiently and quickly,” states Joe Reynolds, President of Nordost, “similar technology to that used in our flagship ‘Valhalla’ and ‘Odin’ power cords. We’ve raised the bar again, this time with a high-quality, flexible, UL approved power cord that delivers a better performance for a lower price.” Micro Mono-Filament FEP technology increases current flow, improves transmission speed and dissipates heat more efficiently.”

Nordost redefines alternating current power cable performance with the use of their Extruded FEP manufacturing techniques. By drawing a twisted FEP Mono-filament thread around the conductor in a helix pattern, insulation contact with the conductors is reduced by more than 80%. Extruded FEP insulation is superior to all other materials in that it has very low signal loss and a high thermal efficiency- meaning it will dissipate heat very quickly. This allows greater power to be transferred more efficiently. In addition the use of precise mechanical construction improves all aspects of its performance and lowers power loss.

The Red Dawn power cord uses three Flexible, Multi-Strand 99.9999 oxygen free, copper 14 AWG conductors to ensure increased power transfer and optimum performance. Sonically, you are left with a precision that gives a real sense of three-dimensional space to the soundstage.

Each power cord is handcrafted at the Nordost factory in Holliston Massachusetts using high quality gold plated connectors. Wrapped in a red, medical grade jacket, the power cables use high-grade IEC connectors with triple gold plated Oxygen Free Copper for improved conductivity. The design of the connector eliminates stress so that heat cycling and vibration will not loosen the contact points.

The Red Dawn™ power cord is shipping now and is priced at $349.99/1 meter length (additional half meter increments are $75.00.)

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