ONKYO TX-RZ710 & TX-RZ-810

ONKYO TX-RZ710 & TX-RZ-810
The 7.2-Channel TX-RZ710 and TX-RZ810 network A/V receivers will give audiophiles the chance to unleash the full potential of their floorstanding speakers thanks to a custom 5 Hz-capable RZ Series build and a deeper reservoir of power.

These two stunning receivers are THX® Select2™ Plus-certified for Theater Reference Performance, meaning that the volume can be set to deliver the same sound-pressure level experienced in a multiplex theater, and are ready to decode Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X™* surround formats for an emotionally captivating film experience at home.

Both feature massive high-output transformers, upgraded and customized capacitors, and Onkyo’s premium amp circuitry to deliver high-current power with phenomenal speed, dynamism, and accuracy.

The TX-RZ810 also benefits from separate analog amplification and digital processing blocks as well as solid copper bus bars to limit interference. Non-phase-shift amp circuits shift the frequency roll-off point higher than the listening level, and combined with new AccuReflex technology—part of an improved AccuEQ room calibration suite—ensures that stereo and object-based surround-sound formats are reproduced with breathtaking clarity.

Video connectivity is outstanding with eight HDMI® inputs and two outputs—one for the main display and one for a TV in Zone 2—allowing 4K/60 Hz video (supporting High Dynamic Range, 4:4:4 color space, and HDCP 2.2) to be shared in two rooms.

Both receivers can distribute entertainment across the home, with FireConnect™* wireless technology by Blackfire Research mirroring analog and digital audio on a compatible wireless speaker*. Dedicated Powered Zone 2 speaker outputs with Zone 2 DAC, Zone 3 line-out (TX-RZ810 only), RS-232C, and 12 V triggers for integrated home automation systems all enhance multi-room capabilities, while the TX-RZ810’s 7.2 multichannel pre-outs add flexibility for audiophiles looking to customize their A/V setup further.

As well as being ready for next-generation UltraHD movies, users can stream almost any audio content from mobile devices and laptos via Google Cast™*, Airplay, Wi-Fi®, or Bluetooth to these receivers and share it to other zones, whether it be network content such as podcasts, Spotify, TIDAL*, and Hi-Res Audio, or the traditional sounds of FM/AM radio, cassette, and vinyl records.

Intuitive usability defines both products, from the finger-friendly knobs and large backlit buttons on the front panel to the redesigned and simplified remote control and GUI that make setup and operation so easy.

Discerning cinephiles and music lovers are sure to appreciate the distinctive and dynamic sound quality offered by the TX-RZ710 and TX-RZ810, which has been lovingly refined and perfected over the company’s 70-year history. Both products are ready to transform daily entertainment into an event worth looking forward to.

* Note: Feature enabled via firmware update scheduled around summer, 2016 (timing subject to change). Further details will be communicated on our website and in other media at a later date. FireConnect™-compatible speakers are scheduled for release this summer.