Nowy rekord świata w dziedzinie hi-endu! Włoski superwzmacniacz Pivetta Opera Only ma moc 160 tys. watów, waży 1,5 tony i kosztuje 1,5 mln euro. Premiera - w trakcie rozpoczynających się 9 maja br. targów HI END w Monachium. Szczegóły - poniżej

Pivetta”Opera Only” is the most astonishing mix between creativeness and technology applied to high end audio devices: style, shape, design and performance. Andrea Pivetta , “the man behind the machine”, has conceived Opera Only carrying on the path begun with his previous Opera One, creating a high efficiency audio amplifier with many distinctive features. The dimensions of Opera Only are so big not for the sound power (160.000 watt) but for showing at best the particular characteristics that it can realize. Every feature has a function. It reflects the desire of making technology and art together. In Opera Only, technology meets art. Opera Only aims to be a symbol of the professional high end audio amplifier: maximum sonic performance in a high tech design. The outer structure has no opening or connections and it is made of aeronautical aluminium treated with NECE Interference. When turned off, it is an impressive 12 sides black prism as, when switched on, it opens up in six separated arcs revealing the technological core and giving the impression of an aerospace engineering object. Moreover Opera Only can be split up in two identical blocks and it works with a standard 3Kwatt power supply if there is not a 160Kwatt power line available. Every single component of this amplifier is completely Made in Italy.
Pivetta „Opera Only”
Technical specs
Power input 230/400V 50/60 Hz 800 A
Power supply 6400 Amp – 1.000.000 mF
Output Power 2 x 60.000 watt RMS Class A
Output multi. 6 x 20.000 watt RMS Class A
(Max output power 160.000 watt)

Completely absent from connections and openings
Aeronautic aluminium treated with NECE interference

Dimension and weight
Width x Height x Depth 1250 x 1900 x 1250 mm
Once opened 1850 x 2500 x 1850 mm
Weight 1.500 Kg

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