Moment, który przejdzie do historii hi-endu! W dniu swoich 40. urodzin Rega prezentuje nowy referencyjny gramofon i daje krótką, bo trwającą zaledwie 48 godzin okazję do nabycia 40 pierwszych egzemplarzy tego modelu w limitowanej serii sygnowanej przez Roya Gandy. Cena zwykłych produkcyjnych okazów szacowana jest na 30 tys. funtów! 

Rega Press Release 1 July 2013

‘The time has finally come to give you the first official glimpse of the second of our Anniversary products, the Naiad turntable. Still in development and available later this year, Naiad is the culmination of 40 years of Rega turntable philosophy taken to the extreme as a no expense spared project.

A unique design using the best of modern materials and manufacturing processes, with a plinth constructed from hand crafted carbon-fibre to achieve the ultimate in lightweight high rigidity structures strengthened further with double ceramic braces. Mass is again kept to a minimum by using a titanium skeletal vertical bearing housing for the tonearm assembly. Naiad will feature a world first in hub bearing design with a spindle and bearing housing manufactured from Zirconia. You can expect the ultimate power supply housed in Rega’s reference range casework which will offer user adjustable speed control with a digital display. Each turntable will be supplied with a piece of music called ‘Naiad’, one of Roy Gandy’s favourite piano pieces, which will be recorded by Rega. This unique pressing will include a test tone that will work alongside the power supply to ensure perfect speed is achieved .

An opportunity to own a piece of hi-fi history.

To celebrate the birth of Rega on the 1st of July 1973. The first 40 Naiad will be offered in a unique way. Forty years to the day it all began, each one will represent a year of trading with a matching serial number ranging from 1973-2012. Each of these first 40 Naiad will be personally signed by Roy Gandy and the maker of each deck and drawn at random from any placed orders.

On the 1st of July at 9.00am GMT the draw will open and will remain so for 48 hours. During that period you can place an order with Rega to be put into the serial number draw. Once the order book closes Rega will draw the numbers and you will be allocated a year number for your Naiad turntable when they are available later in the year. With an estimated UK selling price of £30,000 you can rest assured this will be the ultimate performance Rega turntable promising to deliver way beyond expectations. After the first 40 are sold normal numbers will resume for the continued manufacture of the Naiad.’

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