<strong>RICABLE FOR CHRISTMAS</strong>
The offer is enriched with two new products and two MKII versions 

Ricable, manufacturer of cables for high fidelity  of Italian artisan excellence, announces, in view of the „hot period” of the  year for Hi-Fi lovers, some new products, all already available: two power  cables, Invictus Power Reference and Dedalus Power Elite, as well as two MKII  versions of Magnus Coaxial and Supreme HDMI 2.0b cables. 

Invictus Power Reference is a total novelty of the Ricable catalogue. It  replaces one of the most successful products in our history (Invictus Power),  and producing a cable up to par was not easy. It took over a year of  development, but the improvement in acoustic performance and control  was so clear that we decided to consider it a new cable in all respects  (hence the wording „Reference”) rather than an improved version of the  previous one. At the basis of this revolution are all the R-TEC innovations  developed to date, further improved, starting with the double dielectric and  the germanium Noise Reduction system. The conductors remain identical in  section, but are now formed by strands reduced by 30% in terms of diameter,  so as to have almost 3,500 wires in the entire cable. Finally, the geometry  takes up the previous one, but improves some aspects. For more detailed  information, the product page can already be visited. Invictus Power  Reference is available starting from 991 euros.


Dedalus Power Elite is another new piece that adds to the puzzle Ricable,  again in the power cable sector. It is doubly right to talk about a “puzzle  piece”, because Dedalus Power Elite not only fits into the Ricable catalogue,  but also, more specifically, between Invictus Power Reference and the  standard Dedalus power cable. As with the speaker cables, the goal was to  create a cable between absolute excellence and an excellent cable. The  improvement is perceived above all in the control and timbre, but also in the  precision of the soundstage. The architecture of the cable and the  connectors are those of the standard Dedalus power supply, but the double  dielectric in R-TEC polymer is closely derived from the Invictus Reference. The  diameter of the single strand has been reduced by 10%, so that the wires of  the entire cable reach almost 1,800 units. The product page contains further  information about it; Dedalus Power Elite is available from 750 euros.


Magnus Coaxial MKII is not, however, an absolute novelty, but an  improvement of a pre-existing cable. The conductor has been increased,  while the dielectric and shielding have seen a technical improvement in the  materials. Further information is available, also in this case, on the product  page. Magnus Coaxial is available starting from 137 euros

Supreme HDMI 2.0b MKII also represents an improvement and not an  absolute novelty, but perhaps deserves a few more words. Although the Ricable offer presents an HDMI 2.1 cable, we have however decided to  improve a now outdated protocol such as 2.0b since Supreme HDMI has  proved to be incredibly performing with the I²S protocol, a type of digital  connection increasingly present in electronics. Supreme HDMI was an  exceptional cable, but with this MKII version it acquires a further meaning  thanks to its performance in reference to the I²S protocol, performance often  superior even to HDMI 2.1 cables. For more information, we recommend  consulting the product page on the Ricable website. Supreme HDMI 2.0b  MKII is available starting from 64 euros.

Ricable is the manufacturer of Hi-Fi and Hi-End cables of excellence hand-built in  Italy. Ricable is the first Hi-Fi cable manufacturer to guarantee its products for life and to extend the right of free return to 60 days with full refund, certain of the  duration and performance of its products. This is added to many other exclusive  advantages, such as for example Ricable Upgrade, the exchange service that  guarantees an evaluation of the used car equal to the new one in case you  switch to a higher level series.