Rotel introduces the 14 Series: High Performance Music Systems for the Modern Listener

For over half of a century, Rotel has been manufacturing award-winning hi-fi components that set new levels of audio performance within and often above its class. Recently, Rotel announced the introduction of the 14 Series which represents the very essence of Rotel’s world renowned Balanced Design Concept. The 14 Series is expected to arrive in in early October.

Built with critically selected electronic components used throughout the audio path, the 14 Series features a sleek design with simple and intuitive controls. Three models will be available, the CD14 CD Player and two integrated amplifiers—the A12 and A14.

Doug Henderson, President of The B&W Group, distributors of Rotel, said, “Stereo playback is enjoying a renaissance, particularly among younger people. These new Rotel components offer everything anyone needs today – USB for PC and iOS, Bluetooth, and phono are among the connection options. Most importantly, they look and sound fantastic!”

A14 Integrated Amplifier

The flagship A14 has the highest power and a more advanced set of features. It is rated at 80 watts per channel RMS into 8 ohms, both channels driven. The A14 features a substantial power supply comprising a Rotel manufactured toroidal transformer plus slit-foil capacitors to effortlessly handle difficult speaker loads and dynamic signal peaks. It has been designed to accommodate both classic analog and the latest digital source components supported by the on-board AKM 32 bit/768kHz DAC. Doug Henderson said, “The A14 is a genuine high-end audio component in terms of both build quality and performance. It will easily power large, full range speakers with a degree of finesse that is rare at any price, but virtually unprecedented at this retail cost.”

• 80 watts per channel
• Bluetooth with aptX
• iOS/Android control App
• AKM 32 bit / 768 kHz DAC
• PC-USB with DSD support
• Signal sensing power control
• Inputs: Analog—Aux (2), CD, Tuner, Phono (MM)
• Digital: Coax (2), Optical (2), PC-USB (PCM 32 bit/384 kHz) with DSD (1X/2X), Apple iOS USB, Bluetooth aptX

Suggested Retail Price: USD $1299.00

Available: October 2016

A12 Integrated Amplifier

This model displays the same clean lines and intuitive operation as the flagship A14 with output power rated at 60 watts per channel RMS into 8 ohms. The power supply, the heart of this amplifier, features Rotel manufactured toroidal transformers built to high tolerances using raw materials carefully selected from proven, trusted suppliers. The result is a rugged power supply that won’t easily distort the music under dynamic conditions or with difficult speaker loads.

• 60 watts per channel
• Bluetooth with aptX
• Wolfson high performance DAC
• PC-USB 24 bit / 192 kHz
• 4 line graphic display
• Inputs: Analog—Aux (2), CD, Tuner, Phono (MM)
• Digital: Coax (2), Optical (2), PC-USB (24 bit/192 kHz), Apple iOS USB, Bluetooth with aptX

Suggested Retail Price: USD $899.00

Available: October 2016

CD14 CD Player

The design of the CD14 begins with a carefully engineered power supply to ensure separate, ripple-free voltage and current to both digital and analog circuits. It maintains the same clean lines and intuitive operation as the other 14 series models, while demonstrating an uncanny ability to resolve even the smallest musical details in a recording. Henderson notes, “Rotel set the bar for affordable CD players many years ago. While others have abandoned the format, music lovers still maintain large collections. The CD14 will let them hear those discs at their best.”
• Precision CD mechanism
• Wolfson high performance 24 bit / 192 kHz DAC
• Independent digital / analogue power supplies
• iO /Android control APP (requires connection to A14).
• Disc metadata display
• Coaxial digital and analogue output

Suggested Retail Price: USD $599.00

Available: October 2016

Henderson continues, “Rotel’s painstaking attention to detail has resulted in a range of exceptional hi-fi components with beautiful clean cosmetics and intuitive controls for all the current sources. Whether it is classic vinyl or streaming high resolution digital files from your phone, the 14 Series will deliver stunning realism.”

About Rotel Electronics

Rotel audio products are known worldwide for their quality, reliability, value, and, above all, exceptional sound reproduction. Since 1961, Rotel has utilized the resources of its formidable international design team and has manufactured its products in its own sophisticated production facilities. Rotel proudly offers a complete range of electronics that have consistently received critical acclaim and coveted industry awards. With substantial investment in new technologies and manufacturing, Rotel is prepared to meet the challenges of an evolving specialty electronics marketplace.