Referencyjne technologie w przystępnej cenie - tak reklamuje swoją nową serię produktów Simaudio

Using aesthetics from the much more expensive Evolution series, the Neo series models incorporate a variety of circuit enhancements to noticeably improve sound quality. Neo is destined to give customers many years of musical enjoyment and complete satisfaction. Neo takes the place of most models previously available in the MOON series. Existing MOON series model numbers will not change. However, the new ones will be identified with the word „Neo”. Beginning with six models, this series will grow in the very near future.

MOON Neo Models:

380D Digital-to-Analog Converter with 32-bit architecture

250i Integrated Amplifier (50 watts/channel)

340i Integrated Amplifier (100 watts/channel)

350P Preamplifier (with optional DAC & Phono)

330A Power Amplifier (125 watts/channel)

400M Power Amplifier (400 watt mono)

The MOON Neo series will be available in May 2013

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