The Apollo Series, The Muse Interface, The Zero Gold G2, “SP” Speaker Cables

APOLLO SERIES: It’s 2016, and TARA Labs is very excited at presenting an introduction to our newest line of entry level high-end audio cables. In mythology, Apollo was one of the twelve mythological deity gods that were worshipped by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Apollo was the god of music, poetry, healing and light amongst other virtues he was endowed with. TARA Labs has taken that inspiration from this mythology as well as what Apollo represented, and named our new line of audio cables for those very qualities that made him a god to the ancients.

Apollo Series cables will represent a new era in entry level products for TARA Labs.


We developed this brand new concept for the Apollo, keeping in mind the relationship they will have with their counterpart components. In electronics, we sometimes refer to trickle-down technology. At TARA Labs, we make full use of this term by incorporating numerous technological advances and designs from our higher-end reference cables into the Apollo Series audio cables. Compared to the TL series, Apollo cables have a more coherent construction and design which translate to a substantial enhancement of soundstage, high frequency extension, spatial cues, improved noise floor, as well as enhanced musicality.

The Apollo speaker cables construction now includes our proprietary BSM termination (Banana/Spade modules). So instead of soldered on spades or bananas, you can now switch the termination at will with little effort on your part. This bodes well with the numerous components that require either or both terminations. The Apollo interconnects are also available with either RCA or XLR termination. In addition, the Apollo Series cables will offer an audiophile a musical experience that is easily comparable to cables costing many times more their price! We would venture to say “Get a $1000.00 upgrade to your audio system for around $200.00”

The Apollo Series cables will be replacing our current line of entry level cables, The TL Series.

THE MUSE INTERFACE: TARA Labs has been at the forefront of design & technology for thirty years. In that time, TARA Labs has been credited with numerous “first inventions” in the field of high-end audio cables; Rectangular Solid Core (RSC), vacuum dielectric technology (VDT), and now we are introducing the advent of a fantastic new product known as: The Muse Interface.

If you could improve the sound of your audio system, what would that be?

Would it be a more expansive soundstage, less glare or stridency, more musicality?

There are literally thousands of component models available in the audio marketplace. And many of these components when combined together, will not offer that symbiotic relationship and sound that audiophiles are looking for? TARA Labs has always been at the forefront of technological advances in this industry, and our high-end audio cables have brought many a system close to “perfection.”

In an effort to expand our product line to bring audiophiles closer to the “live-sound”, TARA Labs is now introducing The Muse Interface Sound Enhancement System. You can now add this incredible technology to your audio system and improve your sound like never before! And it works with any audio system or audio cables regardless of brand. The Muse Interface can be connected to any RCA or XLR cable termination, and what you’ll experience is a lower noise floor, wider sound-stage, more presence, mid-range warmth and richness, as well as enhanced musicality without sacrificing detail and high frequency extension. A sound that is more coherent and natural, bringing you closer to the “live-experience” like never before!

*The Muse Interface is especially recommended for systems that have wide-bandwidth electronics (with limited filtering*), or with systems that use loudspeakers that have a tonal balance that emphasizes the high frequencies, including systems that are slightly etched sounding or overly detailed, perhaps with a sense of glare or stridency. In addition, we have found that when used with high-end audio systems, the effects become more apparent. Meaning the better the audio system, the closer you’ll become with that “perfect live sound”

The Muse Interface is unlike traditional shielding methods or filter networks. Even complex shielding methods still remain in proximity to the conductors, thereby distorting the audio signal. Filter networks in boxes at the ends of the cables often contain low quality resistors, inductors and capacitors to perform the filtering. These reduce RFI/EMI in the cable itself by being soldered in series and parallel between the signal conductors. This alters the integrity of the signal, in particular, the higher order harmonic structure. Using The Muse Interface, RFI/EMI is dissipated and absorbed within the Muse technology. This function occurs in isolation from the signal conductors. The signal path is not cut and fitted with additional components. The Muse Interface is extremely effective in eliminating the noise of RFI/EMI without the attendant high-frequency anomalies of filter networks. This translates into a sound that is closer to live than ever before.

THE ZERO GOLD G2 (Gen2): One of the most successful audio cables of all time is the original ZERO Gold Interconnect from TARA Labs. The original ZERO Gold was praised for its breakthrough performance. In the Gen 2 design, technology has literally been borrowed from the famous and more expensive ZERO Evolution Interconnect. Available now is the ZERO Gold Generation 2 Interconnect at a lower price with complete flexibility and better performance than the original ZERO Gold. The breakthrough improvements include greater bandwidth and a completely new and proprietary air-dielectric construction. TARA Labs first introduced air dielectric interconnect cables in 1986; 30 years ago. And instead of using round conductors in air-tubes, TARA Labs uses Rectangular Solid Core® (RSC®) conductors which are 'seated’ inside small air-tubes™. The new Zero Gold G2 makes full use of this technology.


The new Zero Gold G2 will offer the listener an audio cable that is absolutely fabulous! Extremely low in capacitance at 3 pF, with a sound that can be described as holographic. Exceptional high-frequency extension and detail, expansive soundstage with spatial cues with a bottom end that is rich and full of bloom, in addition to a substantial low noise floor. This interconnect is simply astounding for the price. And for audiophiles who remember the original Zero Gold, the flexibility of the new Zero Gold G2 will simply amaze them.

TARA Labs “SP” Speaker Cables: As the loudspeaker cables carry much higher signal voltage and current into a non-linear impedance (the loudspeaker) the reactive load of the loudspeaker can be difficult for some amplifiers to drive… and the all-important damping factor of the amplifier does change from amplifier to amplifier. The phenomenon is readily apparent, heard as bass that is soft and low in amplitude, sometimes together with high frequencies that are too smooth or rolled-off, in addition to a loss of musicality. However, when these amplifiers are connected with TARA Labs ‘SP’ speaker cable models, the output of some high-end loudspeakers instantly becomes audibly improved at variable frequencies. One of the great attributes of the TARA Labs ‘SP’ speaker cable models, are the 'state-of-the-art’ technology and design that was created by TARA Labs. Their performance level is absolutely spectacular when matched with the majority of high-end audio components available today.

TARA Labs ‘SP’ cable models are now available in the Evolution series cables; Air Forte, Air Evolution, Omega Evolution and he Grand Master Evolution.