Koniec z krnąbrnością elektronów, spiskami bozonów, buntem mionów i taonów. Oto nowe referencyjne kable głośnikowe Transparent Audio plasujące się wyżej niż szczytowy do tej pory model Opus MM2 za 33 tysiące dolarów. Producent twierdzi, że są najlepsze na świecie

After setting a new absolute reference with your Opus MM2 concept, the company founded in 1980 in USA, outdoes itself bringing to market its new flagship cables for connection to speakers: the Magnum Opus. Exclusive as few and exceedingly complex, the new Transparent Audio will be manufactured in very small quantities to achieve optimal results in each individual case. To do this, the most qualified technicians of the company are responsible for -ensamblada calibrate each unit by hand, of course that perfectly suits the impedance curves of the components of each system, the configuration of the listening room and even average room temperature of the same. It certainly is the most opulent ever built by Transparent Cable Audio, the Magnum Opus consists of numerous clusters of very thick OFHC conductors with a uniform rate and robust twisted. The next key element Magnum Opus technological adaptation network is embodied in a block size and complex shape which allows to achieve damping of electromagnetic origin resonances Opus much higher MM2 and the ability to transfer large amounts of current with a extremely low background noise.

•Cable Connection absolute reference speakers.

•Definitely the best product of its kind available in the world market.

•Made entirely by hand with ultraexigentes standards.

•Matching network designed to optimize the frequency response and phase.

•Matching network mounted a massive indoor enclosure carbon fiber to maximize the micro-elements present in the audio signal.

•Power losses minimized to preserve signal integrity.

•Calibrated for optimum adaptation to the equipment room and the user.

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