Sennheiser Amperior w ograniczonej zaledwie do 88 sztuk i dostępnej wyłącznie w Chinach edycji celebrującej Rok Węża. Cena - 600 dolarów. Szczegóły - w informacji poniżej

Sennheiser creates limited ‘Year of the Snake’ headphone edition

To mark the advent of the Chinese Year of the Snake, audio specialist Sennheiser has created an exclusive ‘Year of the Snake’ Amperior Edition. Following on from the Year of the Dragon, Chinese legend tells that the dignity of the dragon is passed on to the snake, which is known as the “little dragon”. The little dragon symbolizes wealth and longevity, and fittingly the Year of the Snake Edition headphones flaunt a luxurious gold finish – with a slinky snake design.

They’re decadent, cool, and strikingly different and you’ve already decided you need a pair. Well, you may well be out of luck – at least this time. Only 88, a highly auspicious number denoting wealth and joy, of the special headphones have been made, with 40 already donated by Sennheiser to a charity sale in aid of the Mainland China One Foundation and World Vision Taiwan. The 40 sets for charity sale were all sold out only one week after they were launched on 25 January. “This is the first time that Sennheiser has designed a limited headphone edition taking inspiration from a theme of cultural celebration. Looking into the future we are aiming to see more special editions or customized headphones inspired by all kind of events”, said Peter Callan, President Sennheiser Consumer Electronics.

Sennheiser’s Limited Headphone Edition for the Year of the Snake Headphone in the specially designed box. The headphone’s eye-catching golden earcups, are printed with matte silver snake pattern, while an elegant snake from genuine silver is coiled around the headphone cable. The packaging takes the celebratory theme even further, with a glorious golden box featuring Chinese New Year themes, including a paper cut-style dragon design, that’s sealed with red thread tied in a traditional knot. Best of all, the manual comes in its own red New Year envelope. Being Sennheiser Amperiors, these little dragons also sound incredible, providing a balanced sound reproduction, but with a moderate treble and strong bass. The closed design reliably keeps out background noise.

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