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Ultrasone Edition M: the revolutionary travel companion – high-end hi-fi experience on the go with hand-crafted, on-ear headphones.

No other manufacturer represents headphone culture like Ultrasone. With the Edition series, the Bavarian manufacturer has produced a unique range of hand-crafted headphones for musical enjoyment for audiophiles. The Edition M is a revolutionary travel companion. For this model, the dedicated developers from Gut Raucherberg have pursued their passion to create an elegant, top class hi-fi experience for audiophiles – especially suited for use on the go. To this end, the Edition M combines everything needed to delight the hearts and ears of its listeners: excellent sound, elegant materials, light weight in combination with a sophisticated, stable design and excellent connectivity to smartphones, tablets and notebooks. Not forgetting the award-winning Ultrasone qualities: S-Logic® Plus for spatial sound quality and excellent shielding from background noise.

Following the success of the Edition 8 series – one of the most popular crossover headphone models in the high-end segment – Ultrasone has created a new Edition headphone to take them one step further in the direction of audiophile mobility: the Edition M, the first Edition model for use on the go, impressively proves that a unique, hi-fi experience is also possible when travelling. These high-quality, hand-crafted headphones perfectly balance the necessary light weight of a mobile model with the sound volume required for exceptional top-class, hi-fi headphones. When connected to a high-quality audio player such as a notebook, tablet or smartphone, the Edition M reveals its full audiophile potential and transforms every train, plane or any other type of journey into an unequalled sound experience.

Decades of technical expertise for an unrivalled sound experience

Even the matter-of-fact technical details clearly show that the Edition M on-ear headphones are perfect for providing outstanding performance on-the-go. With an impedance of 40 ohms, they are optimally suited to reproducing music at high volumes, even from sources with low outputs (e.g. smartphones and tablets). And the sound reproduction remains free from distortion and pleasing on the ears. The frequency range of 10–38,000 Hz equates to a sound spectrum that effortlessly spans the whole audible range of the human ear. Therefore, not a single nuance of the music is lost and the sound characteristics are natural, expansive and authentic. The importance of wear comfort should not be underestimated, especially during mobile use. Weighing in at only 146 grams, the Edition M is lightweight and comfortable to wear even after hours of uninterrupted musical enjoyment. In addition it provides outstanding shielding from distracting background noise, making them yet more comfortable.

Spectacular spatial quality thanks to patented S-Logic® Plus technology

The Edition M’s outstanding acoustic properties arise not only from the careful material selection and manufacturing process, but also from the patented Ultrasone S-Logic® Plus technology. This further development of S-Logic® technology is based on decentrally configured transducers and creates sound characteristics that are clearly more natural and spatial. With S-Logic® Plus, the transducer and buffer board use additional attenuation to form a unique sound unit that refines and reinforces the advantages of S-Logic®.

Thanks to the use of S-Logic® Plus technology, the Edition M is able to work with sound pressure that is 3–4 dB lower – at the same perceived volume. This provides up to 40% direct relief for the ears and guarantees a pleasant, healthy listening experience for hours on end.

Maximum comfort thanks to customisable remote control cable and app

Mobility not only means these compact headphones can be carried everywhere, but also that they are as convenient as possible for every-day use. The Edition M includes a detachable cable with integrated remote control and microphone.

Telephone calls can be answered or started easily with just the touch of a button. When the call is finished, the Edition M automatically reverts back to playback mode and continues to play the music from the exact point it was interrupted. Users with Android phones, smartphones and tablets can enjoy even more convenience and individuality: by using the Ultrasone app, it is possible to completely customise the functions of the Edition M remote control cable.

Carefully selected materials for years of musical enjoyment

Like all Ultrasone headphones in the Edition family, only the highest quality, carefully selected materials are used when making the Edition M. This begins with the titanium-coated, 30mm sound transducer, which contributes a crucial part of the headphones’ acoustic properties, just like the gold-coated jack on the detachable cable. Both the appearance and feel of the Edition M are real highlights: the ear capsules are coated with the finest ruthenium so that the Edition M not only looks exclusive and elegant, but is also stable, scratch-proof and durable – even with intensive daily use. Made from Ethiopian sheep’s leather, the ear cushions guarantee years of high wear comfort, are pleasantly soft and provide extremely good protection against outside influences. When combined, these carefully hand-selected components create the best mobile hand-crafted headphones in the world.

A high-quality transport bag made of finely worked felt is included with the headphones so that they can be easily and safely transported.

The Edition M will be available in shops from August 2015. The detachable remote control cable, a cleaning cloth and the high-quality felt transport bag are all included with the Edition M headphones.

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