Topowy model w budżetowej serii słuchawek niemieckiego producenta. Kosztuje 380 euro i ukaże się na początku października. Dwa inne - Performance 840 i 860 - kosztują odpowiednio 240 i 300 euro

Ultrasone Performance 880: Ultrasone present the top model in the Performance series for musicians and music lovers.

Passion has always been the best motive for developing a product. And it is with passion that Ultrasone created their new Performance headphone series. Ultrasone developers have been working on the new consumer series for more than two years, and now they are presenting their top model – the Performance 880. Created for music lovers, audiophile musicians and everyone that wears headphones every day while going about their favourite pastimes.

Wielenbach, 18th September 2014 – The Peak of Performance – Ultrasone’s guiding principle for developing the Performance 880. The top model in the new Performance series marks a milestone in the design of consumer headphones.

For musicians. And music lovers

The Ultrasone Performance series was conceptualised for musicians and music lovers. The unique reproduction of music brings both groups of users together. These audiophile headphones for mixing, which show their own creativity across the whole tonal spectrum, are also ideal for music lovers who want to experience their favourite songs as the artist intended them to be experienced. The Performance 880 is also perfect for everyone who doesn’t want to deny themselves excellent sound while going about their favourite pastimes – from gaming to watching TV.

Titanium-coated sound transducer at the centre

The centrepiece of these closed headphones is a titanium-coated sound transducer with a diameter of 40 millimetres. Thanks to these hardened speakers, music and voices can be reproduced with high precision. The clear treble projects every nuance of the music, while the bass frequency range impressively projects drums and effects without allowing them to dominate. Despite the closed design principle, the Performance 880 reproduces an airy sound, just as would be expected from open headphones. In this way they combine the advantages of the shielding on a closed model with an “open” sound pattern, which spans the entire frequency range of human hearing.

Unique spatial sound thanks to S-Logic®

Both the carefully selected high-quality components and Ultrasone’s patented S-Logic® technology provide a unique reproduction of your favourite music. The decentralised arrangement of the sound transducers creates a spatial sound normally only expected from conventional hi-fi speakers. A broad stereo platform with excellent depth graduation allows listeners to completely immerse themselves in the music. This spatial impression is created by the S-Logic® Design, which reflects sound more frequently before it reaches the inner ear. This construction principle also provides fatigue-free music enjoyment and protects the hearing. With S-Logic®, compared to conventional headphones, a lower sound pressure level is necessary at the same volume level (3 – 4dB).


An elegant design in combination with high-quality materials has long been characteristic of Ultrasone headphones. For the Performance series, the designers took inspiration from the legendary Ultrasone edition 8. A fluid shape, which connects the ear cups to the headband, is the Ultrasone “Statement of Sound and Design”. The developers have paid particular attention to the new headband: a laser engraving of the Ultrasone logo draws particular attention to the solid metal band on top of the headband. The ear cups on the Performance 880 headphones come in an elegant colour combination of black and gunmetal – always ensuring an elegant appearance.

Maximum wear comfort

During the development of the Performance series, Ultrasone focussed intensively on materials that would act as an excellent headphone shielding as well as providing maximum comfort. The result of this painstaking research and testing is a special memory foam that adapts perfectly to the contours of the head, guaranteeing hours of comfort. The headband cushioning is made with the same material. For around-ear headphones, the choice of material is essential for comfort: for the Performance 880, Ultrasone chose a protein leather that caresses the skin.

Perfect for the studio, hi-fi and on the go

The Ultrasone Performance 880 is equipped with a detachable cable that is securely attached to the headphones with a bayonet fastening. A 3m cable with 6.3mm stereo jack for studio and hi-fi use is included as standard. Ultrasone also include a 1.2m cable with angled mini jack connector and headset functionality: this is the perfect way to connect Performance headphones to a notebook, smartphone or tablet, which can be integrated to reproduce not just music, but also sound from other applications such as telephone conferences on Skype or the mobile phone itself.

The Ultrasone Performance 880 will be in stores from the beginning of October 2014.

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