Pierwsze na świecie hi-endowe słuchawki dla kobiet. Ale żeby chłopakom nie było smutno, w edycji Ultrasone Edition 8 jest również model dla nich i nazywa się Romeo. Szczegóły w informacji prasowej producenta. Julia i Romeo kosztują po 1399 euro

In love with sound: A match made in heaven Ultrasone introduces His and Hers Romeo & Julia Edition 8 headphones

The perfect couple for audiophiles: Ultrasone introduces Romeo & Julia, two new models representing the second generation of the highly acclaimed Edition 8 and the first high-end headphones for ladies.

His. And Hers: not only does Ultrasone use the Romeo & Julia models to showcase the second generation of its highly acclaimed high-end headphones – the Bavarian headphone manufacturer is also dedicated to excellent S-Logic-Plus sound and sophisticated his and hers design accents. While Romeo captivates with masculine elements such as carefully selected, black leather and a dark palladium coating, Julia features a soft, feminine touch: the fuchsia leather combined with genuine mother of pearl inlays and elegant engraving make a real fashion statement. Romeo & Julia are the first Edition 8 models to feature a detachable cable with integrated microphone so they can also be used as headsets to make and receive calls while listening to music on an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, for example. Each Edition set of headphones is a unique handmade piece with its own serial number.

Wielenbach, 6 November 2012 – Ladies first. The Edition 8 Julia is Ultrasone’s first set of high-end headphones for women who are conscious of both style and sound. A perfect pair: the Bavarian headphone manufacturer also introduces the matching Edition 8 Romeo.

A perfect couple in both form and function Since its debut, the Edition series has stood for the combination of excellent sound and superior materials, boasting exquisite handcraftsmanship. The design is largely dictated by the use of highquality components: precious materials create the accents here. Julia has a soft, feminine touch, featuring fuchsia coloured leather and mother of pearl inlays that make each model unique. Romeo captivates with its masculine lines. Black elements like the specially coated palladium and the black metal inlay emphasise the masculine effect. Both models boast an especially hard-wearing yet soft leather of the Ethiopian long-haired sheep. Although it is a natural, virtually untreated material, it guarantees unchanging suppleness, even after years of musical enjoyment.

Superlative musical enjoyment at home and on the go A piece of luxury to take on the road – or to keep at home for hours of musical enjoyment. Ultrasone purposely designed the Edition 8 for travel as well as for listening to music in the comfort of your own home. That means that both models sound fantastic on high-end Hi-Fi components as well as on mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad or Samsung Galaxy. To underscore this dual use, Ultrasone came up with a new cable design: the detachable 1.2 meter OFC cable is perfectly designed for mobile use with tablets and smartphones. The built-in microphone enables additional headset functionality which means that the Edition 8 allows you to conveniently make and receive calls without taking off the headphones.

Patented S-Logic technology for excellent sound Superior sound reproduction at its best: the heart of both Romeo and Julia is inside the headphone casing. This is where patented S-Logic-Plus technology provides excellent, three-dimensional sound. A carefully selected, titanium-coated 40 mm transducer ensures remarkably detailed performance. With a frequency range from 6 Hz to 42 kHz, it more than covers the entire spectrum of human hearing capacity. The decentralised arrangement of the transducer as part of the S-Logic design principle provides natural auditory spaciousness thanks to sound reflections in the ear canal: the result is a broad stereo panorama with impressive depth of sound. Silky trebles and transparent, clear mids reproduce the music as the artist intended. The closed design principle provides particularly precise bass reproduction. The balance is consistent with first generation Edition 8 models, highly praised for their sound.

Superb wearer-comfort when travelling Ultrasone designed the Edition series for use at home and on the go. A unique headband with integrated cushioning was developed to guarantee comfortable and relaxed musical enjoyment for hours at a time. This provides comfort for the wearer and together with the closed design principle also comfortably reduces noise without completely isolating the listener from the outside world. The headphones weigh in at just 260 grams, contributing to the superb wearer-comfort.

“Acute interest from our female audiophiles inspired this special twosome”, says Michael Zirkel, COO of Ultrasone AG, on the introduction of the Edition 8 Romeo & Julia duo. “Since the launch of the Edition 8 there has been constant demand for a separate design for style and sound-conscious women. What could be better than a dream couple of His and Hers headphones? At the same time we are addressing the desire of many Edition 8 listeners who use the headphones on the go by integrating a microphone in the cable, making it possible to make and receive calls.”

Romeo and Julia are the first models in the second generation of the highly acclaimed Ultrasone Edition 8 headphones. Both variants are handcrafted and feature unique serial numbers. The new Edition 8 variants will be available in shops as well as in the Ultrasone online shop from November 2012. The classic Edition 8 Palladium and Ruthenium models continue to be available.

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