Ultrasone revives the legendary Edition 7: high-end Tribute 7 headphones celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary

Ultrasone has revived a headphone legend: in the year of the company’s 25th anniversary, it is releasing the Tribute 7, an updated version of the legendary Edition 7. Strictly limited to 777 pieces, the closed high-end headphones offer everything that makes Ultrasone the most popular German handcrafted headphone manufacturer: S-Logic® Plus, MU metal shielding, as well as premium materials and excellent hand-crafted build quality. The Tribute 7 is aimed at music lovers as well as professional users, for example in high-end recording or mastering.

The reincarnation of a classic

Exactly twelve years ago, in 2004, Ultrasone began its handcrafted production on Lake Starnberg with the Edition 7. These high-end audiophile headphones, strictly limited to 999 pieces, were an ambitious venture back then: a new quality of headphones for a target group that was not yet as clearly defined as it is today. But the Ultrasone manufacturing facility’s first work was a hit and was sold all over the world within a few weeks – after which the first handcrafted masterpiece sold out. Even today, music lovers rave about the “first major Ultrasone product”, and in Asia, the headphones reach dream prices in auctions. Time for the reincarnation of a classic – raise the curtains for the Tribute 7.

A tribute to the first Edition

Just like in 2004, the high-end headphones are a limited edition: Ultrasone will only be producing 777 of this masterpiece. And to give the legendary original the respect it deserves, the tonal balance will parallel that of the classic. To underpin this, every Tribute 7 will have an accompanying measurement report, allowing comparison with the Edition 7. And the appearance of the headphones is also based on the predecessor: highly polished, metal-coated brass logo plaques adorn the aluminium ear cups, which are precisely milled from a single block of extremely lightweight aircraft aluminium and then carefully anodised in the colour “mystic blue”.

For musical enjoyment and mastering

The Edition 7 is firmly established both among demanding music lovers and in the high-end recording and mastering sector. The Tribute 7 is therefore aimed at both target groups, which are united in their demand for uncompromisingly precise sound. Patented S-Logic® Plus technology ensures a unique spatial sound. This technology enables extraordinarily neutral sound characteristics, so that the spatial impression of every voice and every instrument is highly detailed and authentic. The integrated ULE technology (MU metal shielding) in these high-class headphones ensures that exposure to electromagnetic radiation is reduced in accordance with the ULE standard.

Unique wear comfort

Immerse yourself in the music, lose track of time: the Tribute 7 combines excellent sound and maximum wear comfort in its own unique way. The ear cushions, covered with Ethiopian sheep leather, gently adjust themselves to the ear and provide excellent insulation. This special leather also ensures that the headphones always offer the same smooth feel as on the first day, even after many years. In addition, the headband provides broad, comfortable cushioning and a comfortable fit on the head. Thanks to the highly stable yet extremely lightweight aircraft aluminium used, the Tribute 7 weighs just 396 grams. And due to the closed construction principle, outside noise can barely be noticed – resulting in hours of pure listening pleasure.

Each set of headphones is unique

The Tribute 7 is made at Ultrasone AG’s headphone factory in Bavaria. Here at the company headquarters, the employees devote a great deal of time to making exclusive headphones by hand. And so, every Tribute 7 built has its own unique serial number. The headphones’ premium build quality is also underscored by the supplied cherry wood transport box – which is also reminiscent of the Edition 7. Alongside two specially developed high quality OFC cables with lengths of 1.2m and 3.0m, an additional hard case is supplied for ease of transportation.